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The Neon Revolt Show: [27:50] This is a good overview of the madness that has befallen Seattle. It’s well worth your time, even if the moving neon doorway thing is incredibly annoying. You don’t actually need to look at it. He reads aloud all the stuff he posts (on top of the annoying neon).

Do not miss the section at around 11 minutes where some of the citizens of CHAZ attempt to call the Seattle PD to get help with Raz, the armed thug who has declared himself the CHAZ chief of police. Or maybe he’s declared himself king now.

2020_06 12 Trump tweet

Progressives want us to believe that they’ve all about peace and love. They preach “no borders” and “gun control”, as if those things would bring about global harmony. They also claim that the atrocities committed by every progressive government wouldn’t happen here, that it just hasn’t been done “right” yet.

Well, now it’s happened here, in Seattle. And it looks EXACTLY like it does everywhere else it’s been tried.

CLICK [11:01] to hear Tucker Carlson describe what’s going on in Seattle. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

2020_06 12 the cure

JON VOIGT: A message for the nation [2:59] – No president besides Lincoln has faced such radical opposition.

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Do ghosts exist?

Do ghosts

I know they do. And Catholic author, Dr. Peter Kreeft, agrees.

The dead often do appear to the living,” Kreeft asserts. “There is enormous evidence of ‘ghosts’ in all cultures.”

The first and most important thing Catholics should know about ghosts is that we should not try to contact or communicate with them. Any kind of participation in the occult or spiritism is not only sinful, but also deeply dangerous.

The second thing we need to know is that ghosts sometimes contact or appear to people who are not seeking them. If that happens, the best response is prayer.

Kreeft suggests there are three kinds of ghosts, one kind from each of the places of the afterlife:

  1. Spirits from Hell – “[T]here are malicious and deceptive spirits,” Kreeft explains, “and since they are deceptive, they hardly ever appear malicious. These are probably the ones who respond to conjurings at séances. They probably come from Hell. Even the chance of that happening should be sufficient to terrify away all temptation to necromancy.
  1. Spirits from Purgatory – This is “the most familiar kind: the sad ones, the wispy ones,” Kreeft explains. “They seem to be working out some unfinished earthly business, or suffering some purgatorial purification until released from their earthly, business. These ghosts would seem to be the ones who just barely made it to Purgatory, who feel little or no joy yet and who need to learn many painful lessons about their past lives on earth.”
  1. Ghosts from Heaven – Lastly, “There are the bright, happy spirits of dead friends and family, especially spouses, who appear unbidden, at God’s will, not ours, with messages of hope and love. They seem to come from Heaven. Unlike the purgatorial ghosts who come back primarily for their own sakes, these bright spirits come back for the sake of us the living, to tell us all is well.

Thankfully, I have only read about the first kind. But I have personally experienced the second and third kinds on half a dozen occasions. Continue reading


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