2020_06 11 CHAZ

Progs have seceded from the union, claiming 6 blocks of Seattle as their own. The have named it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (or “CHAZ” for short).

2020_06 11 auto zone

All fledgling nations have their struggles and the CHAZ is no different. An unforeseen complication has already arisen.

2020_06 11 chaz tweet

So this might all be amusing …

… except it’s not.

Instead of a police-free utopia full of peace and community love, they’ve got a self-appointed police force armed with AK-47s who have shaken down local businesses for protection money.

A video was posted on-line showing the “police” bullying, then assaulting a graffiti artist who complains they broke his glasses.

We’ve seen all of this before, sadly. If you were around when the Occupy protests were a thing, they also believed they had created a new utopia of equality for everyone to emulate. And then it became clear that people were being assaulted, threatened and even raped inside the camps.” – John Sexton


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  1. Just got this note:
    “Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on 9 years ago.”

    Hard to believe. And I’ll say it again, I originally only signed up to WordPress to comment here on PoliNation.

    Alternative title for the littlest rebel village:
    Socialist People’s Autonomous Zone. heh.

    This past week-and-more, technology has been beating on me like rioters looting a Target. Hardware, software, netware, wetware, problems everyware. Spent most of Wednesday just trying to get booted up.

    Worst of all, as we head toward my website’s 25th anniversary, has a bug and I don’t know if or when it will be recovered. I don’t understand it: the website always wore a mask; always practiced safe social distancing. Possibly because of overcrowding in the Old Websites’ Home.

    I’m getting a bit old for battling tech. I just want it to work for me, not me for it.


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    • chrissythehyphenated

      SPAZ LOLOL good one!

      IKWYM about tech. I was out of commission once for weeks while we chased down what proved to be a bad plug in the network connections. But it wasn’t bad enough to show up as bad when our tech friend came by with his testing equipment. It was just bad enough to test okay and work for a while, then as it got warm, the connection got sloooooooooow then quit. We didn’t find it until we literally went through the whole system, piece by piece, replacing components. ARGH!

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  2. PS – a pic you might like here:

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