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2020_06 08 reality check

If we’re going to claim the moral high ground, we should avoid automatically believing in and forwarding stuff that isn’t true.

FAKE NEWS: Posts have been circulating claiming the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC was vandalized in the recent riots. The photos actually show the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Venice, California, which was vandalized in 2016.

FAKE NEWS: Rioters set a children’s hospital on fire. The fire in the photo occurred in an empty apartment complex about a mile away from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

TRUE: “On May 29, 2020, violent protesters attempted to storm the White House.”

FALSE: “The Democrat mayor of DC refused to send backup for the Secret Service.” The DC Police and the Park Police were there, coordinating with Secret Service.

QUESTIONABLE: “The Army General took over as Governor which is protocol and sent back up. AG Barr also sent riot teams. There is still a viable threat and more is planned for Saturday.” I couldn’t find anything about these statements, though I did find reports that the National Guard had arrived in DC in force.

PROBABLY FALSE: “In the meantime, the DC Mayor is demanding the fence around the WH be removed.” I found no evidence that she has said anything about the fence.

MOSTLY FALSE: “The DC Mayor has evicted the National Guard from their hotel rooms to make room for BLM protestors.” Two hundred National Guardsmen were evicted from a particular hotel after a dispute about who would be paying for the rooms. They are now housed elsewhere.

TRUE: “The streets has been painted with ‘Black Lives Matter’ and a street has been officially named after them.” A section of the street near the White House has been renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza” by Mayor Bowser. She also had “Black Lives Matter” painted on the street in giant, yellow letters.

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