Leftist Activism

The theatrical side of much Leftist activist can be amusing, such as when climate change activists dress up as fruits and vegetables. Or it can be absurd, such as when men don pink pussy hats.

But sometimes, it’s just vicious.

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We saw it happen on January 18, 2019, when Native American activist Nathan Phillips targeted innocent teenagers, then pushed out the carefully cropped photos and video to gin up outrage at his targets.

The students received death threats and the Covington Catholic High School temporarily closed due to fears for its students’ safety.

And it looks like it has happened again.

CLICK to see the 33 second video Reuters pushed out of the “innocent” old man that meanie pants Buffalo police had “brutally” shoved to the ground.

As with the Covington kids, the immediate result was devastating for the old man’s victims. The police officers were charged with assault and suspended from the force.

But Martin Gugino is no innocent. He’s a hard-left activist who hates cops and who had been asked repeatedly to leave the area for trying to incite the crowd.

Footage has emerged showing Gugino hanging around with activists and boasting that he’s looking “for fun.” The shocked young man to whom he confided this said, “I think he’s looking to get punched in the face. That’s what it is.”

People who have been carefully examining footage of Gugino’s interactions with the police note the peculiarly graceful, staged way in which he fell. Others suggest the blood looks fake as well.

The Buffalo police force certainly believes that the two arrested officers were the victims of a set-up. Fifty-seven of them have resigned from the emergency response team.

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