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2020_06 04 darkness

LEFTISTS SUCK: This NY Post article linked here is worth reading in total.

Summary: “At 3 in the morning, a newscaster on Johnny’s iPhone app said, ‘Protests continue tonight throughout New York …’ Johnny and I burst out laughing at that word. ‘Protests.’ What happened that night was many things, but a protest it wasn’t. It was the night human savagery smashed the Big Apple.

2020_06 04 refuse to divide

LEFTISTS SUCK: The riots that began in Minneapolis are the intended consequence of the fake history dished out by our media, Hollywood, and most colleges and public schools for the past 50 years.  This new “institutional racism” falsely blames all whites for every injustice — especially whites who are Christian or Republican or who love America.

2020_06 04 all you need

LEFTISTS SUCK: The Left Stream Media portrayed Trump as a monster who tear-gassed peaceful protesters to do something pointless.

Not true.

2020_06 04 slander

LEFTISTS SUCK: Someone outed the fake image early on, but Leftist kept tweeted it saying things like, “Who cares if it’s fake? Trump is a modern day Hitler and he’s only going to get more and more disturbing the closer to election you get.”

2020_06 04 heart

LEFTISTS SUCK: NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to have individual swimmers dragged out of the water and arrested to protect from society from COVID-19.

He’s been fine with the mobs of unmasked rioters swarming the streets, looting, burning, and killing.

2020_06 04 Democrats termites

LEFTISTS SUCK: Democratic New York Rep. Eliot Engel made a show of going to George Floyd protests to hold a press conference.

But he was caught on a hot mic before the event saying to a local official, “If I didn’t have a primary I wouldn’t care.

2020_06 04 minneapolis

LEFTISTS SUCK: A bunch of idjit celebs clicked a few buttons to donate bail money to the people who looted and destroyed property, then self-righteously tweet about it. They’d do more good if they went to the streets with brooms, buckets, and big fat checks.

Or go to GoFundMe and make a donation to one of the VICTIMS!

2020_06 04 Hayek socialism

SOCIALISM: The people planning and financing the riots and the people who persist in refusing to condemn them hate capitalism.

While I believe the sheeple they mislead do not understand economics, I think the leaders absolutely DO.

They want socialism, because they expect to RULE.

Socialism is nationalized feudalism. Two percent control all the wealth and all the power. 98% are serfs.

2020_06 04 eggs

ABORTION: So much for the Left’s pious support for peaceful protest.

2020_06 04 Biden Hillary values

BIDEN: Excerpted from Patricia McCarthy’s June 3, 2020 article at American Thinker – If Joe Biden threw himself on the floor, he’d miss!

Joe Biden’s sheltering-in-place has not gone well.  His virtual town halls and interviews from his basement in Delaware have been a catalog of his mental decline.  As with many people suffering from advancing dementia, their normal filter, that instinctive judgment that governs us all in a civil society, is slowly erased and their true character is revealed.

With Slow Joe, this process, the unveiling of his disagreeable side, is not a pretty picture.  This is not a man suited to leading anything, let alone a country and certainly not the U.S.  Biden’s cruel side has always been evident for those paying attention.  His mistreatment, his obvious racism, was on display throughout the Clarence Thomas hearings  meant to derail the nomination of a black conservative to the Supreme Court. Biden was vile.  He enjoyed humiliating Justice Thomas.  Biden, it was clear then, is not fit to shine Clarence Thomas’ shoes.

Biden is not an intelligent man; never was.  He is not a decent man; never was.  For decades he lied about the traffic accident in which his wife and infant daughter died.  He repeatedly said she had been hit by a drunk driver.  That was a lie.  Mrs. Biden turned in front of a truck driver who was not remotely intoxicated.  The accident was her fatal error.

And as most people should know, he has lied over and over again about all things Joe.  He was not at the top of his class in law school.  He was not a scholarship student.  He is a plagiarist several times over. Like the criminally amoral Ted Kennedy, Joe does not learn from his public mistakes.  His decades of corruption are a D.C. legend.  And this is who the DNC has put up to slay the dragon Trump!

SPYGATE: [3:27:25] – Rod Rosenstein was the Deputy Attorney General from April 26, 2017 to May 11, 2019. He was a a key player in the sprawling Russia investigation that cast a cloud over much of President Donald Trump’s first term in office.

On June 3, 2020, he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of what is now known to have been an illegal effort by anti-Trumpers to destroy his administration.

The NY Post article says,

The key moment came in questioning from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who asked, “If you knew then what you know now, would you have signed the warrant application?” referring to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant renewal concerning Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

No,” testified Rosenstein, “I would not.”

And just like that, it became clear that the national torture of three years of the Russian collusion investigation simply should not have occurred.

2020_06 02 LEGO Mass

GRAMMY NOTES: From Mama Buzz: “Lego people went to confession, now they are having Mass, and I heard that they will have religious ed afterward.”

2020_06 04 storm trooper mask

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