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2020_06 03 All Lives Matter

2020_06 03 fbi

RIOTS: The FBI is inviting tips and digital media to help them identify those who are actively instigating violence.

Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot said the rioting “was absolutely organized and choreographed.”

RIOTS: Rudy Giuliani says Mayor de Blasio is incompetent and should resign. [10:48]

New York’s Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said there are “strong indicators” that organized anarchists “planned for violence in advance using at times encrypted communications.

Before the protests began, organizers raised bail money, recruited medical teams, and deployed a complex network of bicycle scouts to direct groups to places where they could commit acts of vandalism.

RIOTS: [2:35] – President Donald Trump announced on Monday afternoon that he is deploying military personnel along with other federal assets to stop violent riots in Washington.

Brandon Morse at Red State offers a warning to rioters and ANTIFA members not to try their insurrection crap in the ‘burbs. “In the city, you were the pack of lions seeking whom you may devour. In the burbs, you’re the gazelle.

Scott McKay offers his thoughts at Spectator about the hijacking of the George Floyd protests by communist revolutionaries. “Seven thoughts on the civil war the other side wants so badly” is snarky and right on target.

They’re re-electing Trump with every building they burn. … Do Democrats really think they’re going to beat him without even denouncing the riots? Are they that stupid? Of course they are. Of course they are.”

RIOTS: Republican Rep. Doug Collins says there’s misplaced outrage in response to the violence in cities across America. [5:36]

Pelosi and Schumer have condemned Trump’s response to the riots while never condemning the riots themselves.

RIOTS: [2:28] – Ida Bae Wells says destruction of property isn’t violence, because things that can be replaced. “To use the same language to describe those two things is not moral.

At the Washington Post, they had more concern for the gall of President Trump to hold up a Bible than they did for the systematic destruction of property by rioters and looters.

2020_06 03 Media gas on fire

I’m guessing these media morons do not live in any the trashed neighborhoods or know anyone whose homes and businesses have been destroyed.

I’m guessing they’re mostly like the former ESPN reporter who tweeted, “Burn that shit down. Burn it all down,” about a low-income housing project in Minneapolis that is now destroyed.

But when the rioters showed up in front of his own home, he changed his tune to, “Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live.”

2020_06 03 lawyer

RIOTS: Two Brooklyn lawyers face federal charges after allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails into an NYPD cruiser during the riots.

Lawyers?! Why would anyone smart enough to become a lawyer literally throw away years and years of expensive, hard work?!

2020_06 03 virus stop worrying

COVID-19: My area has moved into Phase 2. Folks are looking to see if there’s a spike in infections following the riots. An Italian doctor says the virus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal. And a new HCQ study shows the drug is most effective when given early on to outpatients.

2020_06 03 flynn

FLYNN: Andrea Widburg writes at American Thinker about Judge Sullivan’s and the DOJ’s responses the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ demand for explanations re: Flynn lawyer’s Writ of Mandamus.

She describes Sullivan’s response as “pathetic and dishonest” and the DOJ’s as “filled with devastating facts,” “entirely on-point legal authority”, and “weighted with the names of big guns.”

From a legal standpoint, the DOJ presents a compelling case.  It is always possible, in this age of judicial activism, for a court to ignore the law to arrive at its preferred conclusion.  I have seen it often enough practicing law in the People’s Republic of California.  But assuming that the circuit court in this case follows the law, it must issue the writ of mandamus and order Judge Sullivan to dismiss the Michael Flynn case with prejudice.

2020_06 03 this will pass


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  1. Lawyers: Why would anyone become a lawyer and then throw away years expensive, hard work? This is a question easier to answer than to pass a kidney stone for former WH inhabitants who neither paid for their education nor obtained it with hard work.

    Regarding this current state of violence, you already know: Anytime a force weakens, opposite forces will compensate, and so it is with ‘never letting a crisis be wasted.’

    Love and blessings you are for us, and prayers for your gracious giving be gifted from God in return.

    p.s. Alliterations, think you indicated once in your blog that you are fond of them… Not to make light of a blessing, just an extra cherry on top to you, even in an age where a little extra bit of frivolity is more scarce. And you deserve both.

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