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2020_05 27 hold tight

2020_05 27 BIDEN creepy Joe

CREEPY JOE BIDEN: PASS THIS AROUND – Click [2:20] to hear an expert on sexual abuse and family violence explain why Joe Biden’s creepy behavior is far from benign.

Andrea Widburg at American Thinker says, “Biden’s blatant behavior opens itself to two unpleasant interpretations.  First, he believes that his status in D.C. puts him above the law.  Like some Roman emperor, Joe thinks (correctly to date) that he can get away with anything.  Second, Joe may get some sort of sick exhibitionistic kick about showing his preference for young girls so publicly.”

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Bits & Bytes

2020_05 26 Grateful heart miracles

1944 and 2020

COVID-19: The World Health Organization estimated the virus had a 3.4% death rate. Now, with much wider testing, the official estimate for those who are symptomatic has been dropped a full 3% to 0.4%.

And with the new antibody test being used, they’re finding that about 35% of those infected are asymptomatic, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26%. Continue reading

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The Biden Bee

To Save Time, The Babylon Bee Will Now Just Republish Everything Biden Says Verbatim

2020_05 25 Biden forgot

The Bible tells us to work smarter, not harder. Or, better yet, don’t work at all if you can help it. You can look it up. It’s in the Proverbs somewhere.

That’s why we’re announcing today that we will simply be republishing everything Joe Biden says word for word rather than spending a lot of time and effort writing satire.

We at The Babylon Bee realized we were spending all this time trying to satirize Joe Biden when, frankly, he just can’t be satirized. He’s doing all the hard work for us with statements like “You ain’t black!” and, of gun violence, that “150 million people have been killed since 2007.”

Every day is a real grind when we arrive at the sprawling Babylon Bee headquarters, settle in on our throne of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and boot up the ol’ PC to check what Biden said over the past 24 hours. We’re tired of trying to out-parody things like “I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to reach in the pool and rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again” and “Corn Pop was a bad dude.”

Like, what do you do with that? Seriously. Go ahead. Try to satirize it. Anything you do just doesn’t have that perfect mix of absurdity and reality that makes satire work so effective at communicating truth. So we’re throwing in the towel.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Biden for being such a great satirical performance artist. You’re the real hero, Joe. The people really need comedy in a time like this, and you’re doing a great job. Keep it up!

Finally, laugh at these hilarious Babylon Bee headlines from our new best satirist, Joe Biden:

  • Biden: ‘Poor Kids Are Just As Bright As White Kids’
  • Joe Biden Says All Men And Women Are Created By You Know The Thing
  • Presidential Candidate Nibbles On His Wife’s Fingers
  • Joe Biden: ‘I’m Going To Beat Joe Biden’
  • ‘Go to Joe 30330’ Says Joe
  • Biden Tells Campaign Rally ‘We Choose Truth Over Facts’
  • Joe Biden Calls Iowa Man ‘Fat’ And A ‘[FLOWERBED] Liar’

You can look forward to lots more content coming from your new favorite Babylon Bee writer any moment now.

CtH: I don’t get that last one. Joe said, “You’re a damn liar.” What’s damn got to do with flowerbed?

Also, earlier in the argument, he calls the guy “Jack” so I’m thinking he said “Jack”, not “fat.” However, he did challenge the guy to a fitness match and said, “You’re too old to vote for me.” So there was plenty of inappropriate age and body shape shaming coming out of his mouth.

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2020_05 25 fallen

A place of honor for those not here:

•Single setting: symbolizing the vulnerability of a lone prisoner against his captors.
•A white tablecloth: symbolizing purity of intention in responding to the nation’s call to arms.
•An empty seat for they are not here.
•An inverted wine glass: they cannot toast with us today.
•A slice of lemon: reminding us of their bitter suffering.
•Grains of salt: representing the countless tears of the families.
•A single red rose: reminding us of loved ones who keep the faith awaiting their return.
•The burning candle and yellow ribbon — symbolizing everlasting hope of a reunion with the missing.

Until the day they return home or find eternal peace, we will remember.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_05 25 Flanders Field photo

MEMORIAL DAY: Army Princess says, “We have a tradition. Each year, we visit the cemetery near our home and put flowers on the graves of veterans buried there and we say a family prayer for the souls of all our departed service members. Cemetery is pretty cool – there are veterans in there from Texas revolution, Civil War, WWI and II, Korea and Vietnam.”

JUDGE JEANINE: [7:41] – Remembering the fallen and detailing it’s past time to re-open.

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What Catholics Believe

2020_05 24 prayer

This is what Catholics believe about intercession.

We do not worship Mary. – We love Mary. We honor Mary. We respect Mary. We learn from Mary. We take joy in Mary. And we ask for her powerful intercession.

We do not worship the saints. – We love the saints. We honor saints. We respect the saints. We learn from saints. We take joy in saints. And we ask for their powerful intercession.

Just as other Christian believers ask for the intercession of their friends on earth – we ask for the intercession of our friends in Heaven. Simple as that.

So next time, instead of saying, “Catholics worship Mary” try saying “I don’t understand Catholic theology.” We are one body in Christ and there is so much we could learn from each other if we stopped assuming the worst about each other.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_05 24 mommy daddy me

THEOLOGY OF HOME: Home isn’t something you buy. It’s something you build, slowly, over time, not simply by sheltering in place, but by living deeply in place, one dinner at a time, one baby at a time, one kiss at a time, one prayer at a time.” – Emily Stimpson Chapman

TIME TO REOPEN: [18:39] – Prager U’s William Witt interviews a psychiatrist about the mental health crisis that the lockdown has caused. Substance abuse, overdoses, domestic violence, and child abuse are all on the rise. The Department of Health & Human Services estimates “deaths of despair” could reach as high as 150,000.

In some places, the number of deaths by suicide have exceeded the number of deaths from the coronavirus. Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told ABC 7 news that he has seen a “year’s worth of suicides” in the last four weeks alone.

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2020_05 23 hydroxy

During an appearance on the Fox News show “Fox & Friends First,” Wilkie was asked about media reports claiming that taking the drug can kill patients instead of effecting a cure.

Well I think it’s nonsense,” Wilkie said. “And I’ll echo what the president said the other day. I think it’s more aimed at President Trump than it is against the science because as we speak, Dr. Fauci and his institute are conducting very detailed clinical trials if this and I would also underline the fact that it is the 128th most-used drug in this country.”

Wilkie slammed a study he said “the press has been touting” as showing that the drug could be dangerous. “Researchers took and used VA numbers — didn’t even look at underlying medical conditions — and really misrepresented what was going on at VA.”

“We used it with veterans who were in the last hours of life in the hopes that it would prolong that life and we will continue to do that under FDA guidelines, which we have been following religiously,” he said.

Wilkie also noted that the study the media has been fawning over was not clinically reviewed or peer-reviewed. Continue reading

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Biden’s “Deplorable” Moment

2020_05 23 BIDEN Hep me

Click to hear Tucker talk about Joe Biden’s recent comment that, if you’re on the fence about voting for him over President Donald Trump, “You ain’t black.”

2020_05 23 Candace owens

Yesterday, Jerome Hudson, author of 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, posted a scathing commentary on the incident. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

WORSHIP: [1:57] – “Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right.

I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now. If there’s any question, they’re gonna have to call me, but they’re not gonna be successful in that call. These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united.

The ministers, pastors, rabbis, imams, and other faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray. I know them well. They love their congregations. They love their people. They don’t want anything bad to happen to them or to anybody else.

The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend. If they don’t do it, I will override the governors. In America, we need more prayer, not less.” – President Trump

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