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2020_05 30 DOG money vs butt wiggle

TRUMP: [10:14] – POTUS has announced he is ending our relationship with the World Health Organization, because of their subservience to China.

GINA SHAKESPEARE: [4:57] – Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker says Bob Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation was artificially prolonged in the hope that President Donald Trump would move to terminate it, opening the door for the Left to accuse him of obstruction of justice.

2020_05 30 flynn

FLYNN: Transcripts declassified and released – They contradict key claims made against Flynn by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

2020_03 15 COVID-19

COVID-19: A major study conducted by over a dozen researchers from several microbiology and immunology institutions in the U.S. suggests that half of the uninfected population may be immune to the novel coronavirus because of previous infection by a similar virus.

Cross-immunity may also explain why some people catch the virus, but either have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

JACKBOOTS: Michiganders are NOT HAPPY with their Tyrannical Governor! [5:49] – Churches in Josephine and Douglas counties filed suit in federal court Tuesday against Oregon’s Democratic Governor Katherine Brown.

The suit challenges a provision of her executive order that allows pastors to be jailed up to 30 days and fined $1,250 for going to church with 25 other people on a Sunday morning, when they can join those same people and more at a dine-in restaurant for Sunday lunch with no penalty.

As of May 24, Josephine County had no active COVID-19 cases, and Douglas County had only two, with one person hospitalized and the other at home.

Brown’s order singles out cultural, civic, and faith-based gatherings, banning them from holding gatherings of 25 or more people while allowing numerous secular gatherings that exceed that number, including shopping malls, retail stores, schools, ski resorts, and offices.

Gov. Kate hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Even the CDC has removed its guidance that discouraged choirs and shared cups during worship services. The guidelines were updated to recognize church autonomy guaranteed by the Constitution.

In Dane County, Wisconsin, nearly 200 Catholics marched in protest over the county’s 50-person limit imposed on Masses and the threat of sending in government watchers to police and impose $1,000 fines.

2020_05 30 riots

RIOTS: How does burning down Target, Autozone, public housing, and restaurants make things better? All they’re doing is ruining impoverished communities and destroying jobs. A sadistic cop committed murder and now he’s arrested in record time. What more do you want?! We all agreed he was a murderer!!” – DC Draino

2020_05 30 twitter

SOCIAL MEDIA BIAS: Within 24 hours of POTUS signing an Executive Order aimed at fighting online censorship by technology corporations, Twitter covered a Trump tweet their Speech Police found objectionable.

Trump has responded by calling on the U.S. Congress to revoke Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects platforms like Twitter and Facebook from being sued for what their users post on the sites. 

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz told Fox News host Tucker Carlson yesterday that he will be filing a complaint with Federal Election Commission about social media’s censorship of Trump.

CUOMO: [6:07] – The Five discusses New York’s Governor Cuomo’s admission that he wouldn’t want his mother to be in a nursing home during the pandemic.

MORNING JOE: [3:32] – This is interesting.

2020_05 30 Biden Kavanaugh

BIDEN: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called Joe Biden a “total hypocrite” for opposing her plan to ensure due process rights for college students accused of sexual assault. Biden said DeVos’ plan is an attempt to “shame and silence” sexual abuse survivors.

DeVos noted that, when it came to Tara Reade’s accusations, Joe Biden wanted “what the rule has actually guaranteed for everyone, the presumption of innocence, [but then says he wants] something totally different for a 19- or 20-year-old college student.”

SAVE THE STORKS: Four out of five women who board a Save the Storks bus choose LIFE [12:43]

2020_05 30 smith wesson

GRAMMY NOTES: My mom worried about me having to walk my dog in the rotten college neighborhood where I lived before we were married.

I had to do some research at the local police station, so I mentioned it to the detective.

He said, “What kind of dog?

German Shepherd.”

Tell your mom not to worry about it.”

I did have one guy who, from a block away, fearfully yelled at me, “Is that dog on a leash?!” I hollered back that he was, but he still gave us a wide berth.

I decided to ease my mom’s mind a bit and put up a poster of a German Shepherd “Beware of the Dog” on the door to my apartment.

I love our Toy Poodle to bits, but I still miss Merlin and get mushy whenever I see a photo of a German Shepherd. They’re great dogs.

2020_05 30 Real teachers know math

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