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2020_05 30 Father Michel

I am very intrigued by Father Michel Rodrigue’s prophecies and plan to dig into them more deeply. For now, let me just share the bit about President Trump:

What I can say about President Trump is only what the Father has told me. He said, “This one, I have chosen him. They cannot control him.” He didn’t say that he’s a saint. He never said that. “They cannot control him. They don’t know on which leg he is dancing.” This is what He said. “Because of this, they have not been able to achieve their task.”

The Father said that Trump was elected because of his angel who modified the vote. He was chosen because the Lord knows his temperament, his skill, his actions, and his will. He was chosen to block the One World Government. This is important because if he was not there, I can assure you that the One World Government, which is the work Satan, would have taken place by now. And I know that I can be at rest with what I have said. I have told all this to the bishop.

I told the people in the United States, “Sometimes Trump acts in ways nobody can understand. But I assure you, you’re blessed to have him, so you must pray for him. You must pray now for your president because he will be under a great danger. They will try to kill him.” They knelt and they all prayed the Rosary.

A group of them committed themselves to praying for the President every day, and when I was in a chapel recently, the Lord said to me, “Michel, I heard the prayers of my people in the United States. There was supposed to be an assassination attempt eight months ago. They didn’t have success. He was protected because of the Rosary.

Later, I received another sign. Again, the Lord asked that we pray for this man because they will try again to kill him. We must pray. We must pray the Rosary.


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  1. Agreeing with Rodrigue. We here… believe our POTUS is the eave of our government-of-and-by-the-people. Trump is the overhang to our country’s “house.”

    Since the day after he was elected, I saw the eave symbol everywhere thinking, “this is the end of someone working for the good of the people of our government.” I hope I am wrong.

    We pray every day for him and “All kingdoms and this USA government (…of man, wings plucked from a lion and made to stand with the heart of a man…) are failures. Your Kingdom and the City ‘The Lord Lives Here’ alone is justice. And Lord, Your Will be done in keeping this government alive until it is totally indefensible to Your Righteous Law and for Your Glory and True Light…”


    Similarly, my dearest said today, the crucifix should be in every Church, every Protestant Church. The crucifixion convicts us of our sin. No one can blame anyone/anything else of our own sin. When we congregate, we need to see/know the sin of man (son of man) nailed on the cross, the sacrificed Lamb of God, in order for our hearts and our souls to be pierced just like his Saints’, and His dear mother’s, Mary.

    Love in His Love, our sister Chrissy, thank you for blessing our house.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am so thrilled that your dearest said that! Re: crucifixed – I’ve been told a few times by somewhat self-righteous Protestants, “WE worship the RISEN Christ.” Uhhhhhhhh … yeah. So do we. But we never ever forget what it cost Him to save us.

      For example, the rosary isn’t a “vain repetition” of prayers. It’s an extended meditation on the life (Joyful Mysteries), teachings (Luminous Mysteries), suffering/death (Sorrowful Mysteries), and victory (Glorious Mysteries) of Jesus Christ.

      Fingering the beads and repeating the simple, repetitious prayer are simply practical ways to keep mind and body busy while the spirit and the Spirit commune in meditation on these eternal truths.


  2. red

    In the Circle (prayer circle) is a prayer than all ungodly protection be crushed and wiped out around ungodly politicians and their followers. You cannot pray against someone, that’s witchcraft, but can cast their demons into the outer dark, binding them there, have their walls of protection destroyed and so on. We’ve been doing this since the clintons came to power. So far, the neolibs are stumbling and grasping at straws. You need to include the liberal news media because that’s the spokesman for these nazis. If you ever read the Bible, you know this is part of Christianity, for when good people do nothing, evil rules. walk in His beauty

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      My prayers for Democrats often include not just the binding, rebuking, etc. of their demons, but also returning the hatred, demonic curses. and evil acts they direct at us back on them as a blessing.

      We’re saved by the Blood, so we have the authority to rebuke all that stuff so it can’t land on us and ours. But I think we’re supposed to actively DO it, not just trust that God and our angels will do it for us. (God is the God of dental caries, but I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to floss and brush.)

      Also, true Christian prayer for an enemy to be brought low is (or should be!) deeply loving. There is nothing more important than eternal life. Few if any can see their sins clearly to repent of them unless and until they stop being rewarded for them.


      • red

        when you pray for someone, the darkness fights back. Yes, pray for them. That’s part of love. God works on them but evil will hold nothing back. ! third of Jesus’ ministry was destroying demonic oppression. this should be ours, as well, deliverance. “It is not My will that any perish, but that all come to repentance and be saved,” Peace to you.

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