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2020_05 25 Flanders Field photo

MEMORIAL DAY: Army Princess says, “We have a tradition. Each year, we visit the cemetery near our home and put flowers on the graves of veterans buried there and we say a family prayer for the souls of all our departed service members. Cemetery is pretty cool – there are veterans in there from Texas revolution, Civil War, WWI and II, Korea and Vietnam.”

JUDGE JEANINE: [7:41] – Remembering the fallen and detailing it’s past time to re-open.

2020_05 25 Trump salary COVID

COVID-19: The governor of Minnesota has issued an order allowing for the resumption of limited public worship gatherings, days after the bishops of the state said they would allow public Masses to resume in defiance of previous guidelines and after President Trump announced churches are essential.

Virginians now live in a state where holding a church service attended by 11 people has been unilaterally declared a crime by the governor. The 10 person limit has no accommodation for the size of the sanctuary.

2020_05 25 flynn

FLYNN: This article is a Must Read for anyone following the case.

BRUTALITY: [2:22] – Awful.

2020_05 24 Whimsical window sill

GRAMMY NOTES: I love Mama Buzz’s whimsical windowsill!

2020_05 29 dolls

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