What Catholics Believe

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This is what Catholics believe about intercession.

We do not worship Mary. – We love Mary. We honor Mary. We respect Mary. We learn from Mary. We take joy in Mary. And we ask for her powerful intercession.

We do not worship the saints. – We love the saints. We honor saints. We respect the saints. We learn from saints. We take joy in saints. And we ask for their powerful intercession.

Just as other Christian believers ask for the intercession of their friends on earth – we ask for the intercession of our friends in Heaven. Simple as that.

So next time, instead of saying, “Catholics worship Mary” try saying “I don’t understand Catholic theology.” We are one body in Christ and there is so much we could learn from each other if we stopped assuming the worst about each other.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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3 responses to “What Catholics Believe

  1. Thank you for this share!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. My understanding is intercession is mediation, a prayer for those that don’t pray to God or know The Word. It is also to pray for those that do or don’t know the Lord but need healing, forgiving… It is a direct negotiation with our Creator through Christ to forgive/understand someone… It is similar to us being Christ for others, as Christ makes intercession for us to the Father (but you know all this, just trying to understand…). As Christ made intercession for us, we ask the same for others. I never saw it this way, though, and with the Saints. It is interesting and I will think and pray on it. Thanks and love to you, and blessings to all yours that you make intercession. I’m thinking I understand this point of Catholicism. Always beautiful in Truth.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I also understand intercessory prayer the way you do. I didn’t make the graphic and mainly liked it for the arrows, which make plain the Catholic understanding of “praying to” Mary and the saints.

      I didn’t give the vocabulary as much thought as you did, so thank you for that. I’m going to ponder if there’s a better way to label this.

      When I explain it to folks, I usually talk about the fact that our use of “pray” in “pray to saints” does NOT include “worship.” It’s a hold over from earlier days when people said things like, “I pray thee, good sir, do you know the way to the inn?”

      I can’t speak for every Catholic, but I certainly learned the difference very early and taught my girls at a very young age as well. I realized they’d absorbed my lessons well the day they came home from school in tears. Some of the Bible Baptist school kids on their “take all the kids to their private schools” bus had ganged up on them, accusing them of sinning by worshiping Mary. My girls told me about the incident, weeping, “We don’t, Mommy! Right?”

      The parents got together and it ended up looking a lot more like a boys vs. girls thing, not some high level theological issue LOL. The boys got a lecture about bullying. My girls learned a simple way to respond. “We don’t worship, Mary. We love her and ask her to pray for us.”

      I’ve heard some people say Catholics love Mary too much. Really? Does anyone honestly believe a human being could ever love her more than Jesus does? A friend once told me we’re only supposed to talk to Jesus. “Just Jesus!” I had to laugh. I’ve heard him brag about how happy it makes him that his wife has such a great relationship with his mom! I’m pretty sure Jesus feels the same way.

      P.S., “I’m thinking I understand this point of Catholicism.” HIGH PRAISE! Thank you so much. 🙂

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