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2020_05 19 God arms me

2020_05 19 approval

PRESIDENTIAL APPROVALS: Trump has a higher approval rating now than either of his predecessors did at the same points in their first terms.

2020_05 19 Trump Obama youth

TRUMP on OBAMA: [3:05] – Click to hear Trump say what he really thinks.

Also, watch to the end (past the rant “China did this to us” rant that we’ve heard a million times). His response to a jerk-nalist is priceless.

OBAMAGATE: [7:10] – Maria Bartiromo talks with K.T. McFarland who served as Deputy National Security Advisor under Michael Flynn for the first four months of the Trump administration.

Obama’s dirty FBI agents came to her home, waited until her husband left, then ambushed her.

RUSSIAGATE: [3:06] – AG Barr talks about what the Left did to President Trump.

COVID-19: [8:10] – Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar talks about progress on the vaccine, the high health cost of the shut down, how the re-opening is going, a new and thankfully rare inflammatory response in children that may be related to COVID-19, the prognosis for reopening schools next fall, a stern warning he delivered to the WHO for President Trump, and an early problem with one CDC test that was corrected.

2020_05 19 media

COVID-19: Politics masquerading as factual news.

2020_05 19 fauci by terrell

COVID-19: When there is sufficient zinc inside the cells, it is known to inhibit the replication of viruses. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) transports available zinc from the blood stream into the cells.

When doctors at NYU began studying HCQ in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, they were combining it only with the antibiotic azithromycin. Midway through, they read some research showing that the zinc made the combination more effective. So they added zinc and they found that patients who were given HCQ with zinc had much lower death rates and faster recoveries than those who were given HCQ without zinc.

The HCQ-azithro-zinc treatments worked best when given to patients who had not become so sick that they required intensive care. So now, doctors at St. Francis Hospital in New York are conducting a test of COVID-19 out-patients, giving them all HCQ with zinc plus an antibiotic (either azithromycin or doxycicline), to see if they can avoid hospitalizations and if one or the other antibiotic works better.

It boggles the mind, then, that the NIH, under the leadership of Dr. Tony Fauci, is conducting a study in which mild and moderately severe COVID-19 out-patients are being treated with HCQ-azithromycin WITHOUT ZINC.

Since HCQ can only transport available zinc into the cell, this study seems tantamount to malpractice since the very populations that suffer most from the virus – i.e. the elderly, Black Americans, diabetics, those with cancer, and those with low hemoglobin levels – are also known to have low zinc levels.

2020_05 19 spanish flu

THE 1918-1919 FLU PANDEMIC: Click for a 10 minute history of one of the deadliest pandemics in human history. It started in Kansas, but was dubbed the Spanish flu, because the Spanish press was the first to widely report on it.

According to the Smithsonian article below, the particular strain of H1N1 flu that ultimately killed somewhere between 17 and 100 million people (nobody seems to know for sure) probably originated in Haskell County, Kansas, which lies in the southwest corner of the state, near Oklahoma and Colorado. Haskell sits on a major migratory flyway for 17 bird species and its farmers raised hogs.

Scientists today understand that bird influenza viruses, like human influenza viruses, can also infect hogs, and when a bird virus and a human virus infect the same pig cell, their different genes can be shuffled and exchanged like playing cards, resulting in a new, perhaps especially lethal, virus.”

1918 mask

The Kansas City and Wikipedia Spanish flu articles linked below are particularly interesting, given all we’ve been going through lately. The Homeopathy Plus article talks about the phenomenal success rate for flu patients treated with Gelsemium homeopathic remedy, rather than with aspirin.

ECONOMICS: [3:02] – In a free market society, you can’t get rich without making other people’s lives better. In a socialist society, you can get rich by making a lot of other people miserable.

2020_05 19 kermit

KERMIT LOOK-ALIKE: This frog looks SO much like Kermit that I thought surely this news was really old and they’d modeled Kermit on the frog. I googled the news about this frog and found its discovery was published in 2015 … SIXTY YEARS after Jim Henson introduced Kermit!

2020_05 14 Bubbles

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots had fun with a bubble machine!

2020_05 19 road runner

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