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My Body My Choice

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The Flynn Case That Should Never Have Been

I’ve been listening to and reading a lot of stuff about the Flynn case and I think I have all these points correct.

Very early in the Trump administration, the FBI sent 2 agents to talk to Michael Flynn about a December phone conversation Flynn had had with the Russian ambassador.

This conversation was perfectly proper for the incoming National Security Adviser.

In a 2018 interview, James Comey bragged about how he had figured the Trump administration hadn’t gotten their act together enough to know that nobody should agree to an interview without a White House attorney present.

So they called Flynn and told him they wanted a friendly chat and he said sure. Before going over, they discussed how to give him the mandatory warning about not lying without making him suspicious about their intentions (which were bad). Continue reading

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Red Rose Rescues

2020_05 17 Red Rose

On Thursday, four pro-life advocates were arrested at two different, late-term abortion clinics in Washington, D.C.

Two of those arrested were Catholic priests.

The individuals were part of a Red Rose Rescue, a peaceful outreach in which pro-life advocates provide roses, pregnancy resource information and encouragement to mothers inside and outside abortion facilities.

Some rescuers go into the abortion facilities to speak with the mothers and pray, knowing that they will be arrested for trespassing.

One of the incidents occurred at Capital Women’s Services, which advertises abortions up to 36 weeks on its website.

Pro-life sidewalk counselors outside said they saw a woman leave the facility with a rose and information about pregnancy resource centers, so one life may have been saved by their efforts.

Interestingly, a pro-life sidewalk counselor also said one of the police officers refused to participate in the priest’s arrest.

The officer told pro-lifers that he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic pro-life organization.

The other incident took place at the Washington Surgi-Center.

This facility’s late-term abortionist, Cesare F. Santangelo. has been accused of negligence in the death of an abortion patient.

Just a day earlier, six more pro-lifers were arrested while trying to save unborn babies at another Red Rose Rescue in Michigan.

At least two women did not go through with their abortions at the Baton Rouge abortion facility because of their outreach.

Both Michigan and Washington, D.C. have allowed abortion facilities to continue killing unborn babies during the coronavirus crisis.

Meanwhile, life-saving medical procedures are being postponed

The Red Rose Rescues do not involve the blockading of clinic entrances or abortion procedure rooms.

When police officers arrive on the scene, pro-lifers attempt to continue conversation with women or sit on the pavement praying quietly or singing hymns until they are placed under arrest.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_05 17 Chesterton decay

2020_05 17 Sowell on greed

HOUSE COVID AID BILLNancy Pelosi’s House approved a $3 trillion coronavirus bill, the most expensive bill in Congressional history, in a 208-199 vote.

Peter King was the only Republican to support the bill. Fourteen Democrats broke from their party and voted no.

The bill is predictably jam-packed with Democrap, like direct payments to illegals. Thankfully, its chances are slim to none in the Senate and Trump has vowed to veto it. Continue reading

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