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New York’s Nursing Home Fiasco

I’m so angry about this, I can hardly see straight.

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We’ve known from the start of the pandemic that nursing homes and long-term care facilities housed the most at-risk demographic in the most at-risk environment. I.e., people who are old and/or suffering from co-morbid conditions that make the virus especially deadly, who live indoors where the virus is much more contagious, and who share staff in close quarters where social distancing is impossible.

Yet on March 25, the “progressive, caring” Democrats who run Deep Blue New York decided that these facilities HAD to accept COVID-19 positive patients. If they refused, they would lose their state funding.

Call me cynical, but I have zero … ZERO … trouble believing that the motivation behind this evil regulation was to reduce the number of expensive old people who are too gaga to vote Democrat. I even have two pieces of solid evidence.

One: A virus-free nursing home in Queens was forced to take 2 infected patients. These individuals arrived with boxes of PPEs … and a box of 5 body bags! Within days, they had dead bodies to put in the bags. Each week thereafter, another box of 5 body bags arrived. They didn’t order them, but they did end up needing them, since more than 30 of their residents caught the virus and died. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

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OBAMAGATE: [8:20] – Senior Obama officials asked to eavesdrop on senior Trump adviser Michael Flynn, then one or more of them leaked the contents to the media. They had no business doing either of those things.

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