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The DOJ dropped its case against retired General Michael Flynn … but it seems that Judge Emmet Sullivan is not ready to let go. Rather than simply dismissing the case, as everyone expected him to do, he has invited outside parties to present arguments about the government’s request to dismiss the case.

In trial court proceedings involving crimes, only prosecutors and defense attorneys are permitted to be heard. Judges are supposed to render decisions based on evidence and arguments presented by the parties involved, not outside interests.

Previously in the same case, Judge Sullivan nixed the filing of amicus briefs when he knew third parties would have spoken favorably of Flynn. He said then that “[o]ptions exist for a private citizen to express his views about matters of public interest, but the Court’s docket is not an available option.”

Now he is not only allowing, but actually soliciting briefs that will be critical of Flynn. “This is a violation of the judicial oath and applicable ethical rules. We will be filing a complaint against Sullivan. … [He] is acting as a politician, not a judge.” – Michael Cernovich

CLICK  to hear Judge J about this issue.

It’s the United States against Michael Flynn. And, when the United States says we’re no longer going to pursue it because we don’t have the evidence, then the audacity of somebody outside of that coming in who has no authority is outrageous.” – Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman

This might just be a case of Judge Sullivan wanting to appoint someone to argue the government’s (former) position now that the prosecution and defense are on the same side. Or Sullvan may feel there is political manipulation going on and prefer to force a Trump pardon rather than let Flynn off the hook himself.” – Cornell law professor William A. Jacobson

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Judge Sullivan has now gone even further beyond the pale. He has appointed a retired federal judge as amicus curiae to argue against dismissal and to consider whether Flynn should be held in criminal contempt (emphasis added).

William Jacobson suggests, the contempt issue “presumably goes to Flynn’s guilty plea. The Judge seems to be threatening Flynn with a perjury charge for falsely pleading guilty.”

Wow. The FBI, the DOJ, and Flynn’s attorneys conspired together against him, telling him he had better plead guilty to something he did (and wouldn’t) do or they’d go after his family … and now they want to punish him for doing it.

BONUS QUESTION: Can the President pardon a criminal contempt of court? – According the the Congressional Research Service … Probably Yes.

I’m thinking this schmuck of a judge wants to force Trump to pardon Flynn rather than let the legal system do its actual JOB, which would be to dismiss the charges, then go after the crooked individuals who ruined his life to protect their own backsides and their glorious leader, Barack “Halo” Obama. That way, they can all keep yammering about how biased Trump is and how Flynn was guilty, blah blah blah.

It’s a travesty. We must PRAY and FAST for true JUSTICE to prevail. We struggle not against mere human agencies here, but against spiritual forces and powers.

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