Who commissioned the Trump-Russia dossier?

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Photo: John Podesta and Hillary Clinton

In October of 2017, both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed to be unaware that their law firm, Perkins Coie, was connected to the Trump-Russia dossier.

One of the recently declassified House Intelligence Committee transcripts shows that was not true.

On December 4, 2017, John Podesta, who had been the head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, testified under oath before the House Intelligence Committee. During the interview, Podesta said:

  1. Mark Elias made the decision to hire Fusion GPS. Elias was counsel to both the Clinton campaign and to the DNC. He is a partner at Perkins Coie.
  2. The Clinton campaign’s manager, Robby Mook, would have been the one who gave Elias the authority to do so.
  3. The Fusion GPS’ bill was split 50/50 between the campaign and the DNC.

This is critical information, because the Trump-Steele dossier was the central and perhaps sole excuse that corrupt individuals in the FBI used to justify their multiple FISA warrants to spy (allegedly) on Carter Page.

In all likelihood, the point of these warrants was to allow Obama’s and Hillary’s people to spy first on the Trump campaign and later on the Trump White House.

This is because the government allows itself to extend the collection of personal material as far as “two hops” away from a wiretap target.

  1. One hop allows them to access the personal communications of everyone who had contacted or who had been contacted by the target.
  2. Two hops means they access the personal communications of everybody who had contacted or who had been been contacted by one of the one hop people, even if those folks never had any direct contact with the wiretap target.

In other words, the FISA warrants gave Obama’s dirty cops at the top of the FBI free run of all things Trump.

And they justified it by using information in a document that they knew, from the start, had been commissioned and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat National Committee.

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