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COVID-19 UPDATE: [6:47] – An epidemiologist talks about reopening the economy safely.

TESTING: [3:46] – The United States will soon hit another milestone in its unprecedented Coronavirus response: 10 million tests performed across the country. That’s far more than most other nations on Earth combined.

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JACKBOOTS: [8:56] – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on May 10 that “permanent economic damage” might be done if lockdown measures aren’t lifted.

Leftists want to prolong the shut down. But why would any American want to risk causing “permanent economic damage”?

It’s simple. They hate our freedoms and the capitalist economy that makes them possible.

Number two on Saul Alinsky’s famous Eight Steps to Socialism is, “Increase poverty as much as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you give them what they need to live.”

INTOLERANCE: [1:26] – Something else the Left hates is that there are ideas other than theirs. This kind of thing happens all the time with anti-abortion displays.

CALIFORNIA: [4:24] – Judge Napolitano tells Maria Bartiromo that Tesla has a good shot in federal court with his lawsuit against Alameda County’s ongoing shelter-in-place order.

CEO Elon Musk has threatened to move his operation out-of-state if California doesn’t allow his employees to get back to work. Tesla is the last car maker left in CA.

MENTAL HEALTH: [5:08] – Health experts warn that as pandemic-driven hardship puts added strain on the mental health of Americans, as many as 154,037 Americans could die “deaths of despair” via drug/alcohol abuse and suicide.

CHINA: [6:16] – Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome is a new and serious illness cropping up in young children. It appears to be a response to the virus the ChiComs inflicted on the world. The syndrome does not present like COVID-19 does in adults. If you have kids, you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms.

Also, China continues to steal intellectual property from us so they can create knock offs to sell cheaply. So, we put money into research and development, then they steal it and reap the rewards.

And the U.S. State Department has discovered a “coordinated” bot campaign on Twitter designed to disseminate Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disinformation, forming part of Beijing’s campaign to deflect blame over its role in causing the global COVID-19 pandemic.

BIDEN: [:30] – He’s been wrong on nearly every aspect of China for the last 40 years.

FLYNN: [8:19] – Rep. Scalise talks to Maria Baritoromo about Obama/Biden involvement in the framing of Michael Flynn.

They also discuss China’s theft of intellectual property.

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MEDIA MALPRACTICE: This is why we don’t trust these people – During an interview on “Meet the Press”, Attorney General Bill Barr said multiple times that the DOJ’s decision to move to dismiss the Flynn case upheld the rule of law.

When he reported on the interview, NBC News’ Chuck Todd deceptively edited the interview to make it look like AG Barr was saying the decision was purely political.

Then, Todd said that he was “struck by the cynicism of the answer — it’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this was a political job.”

Not only had Barr made the case multiple times during the full interview that the decision upheld the rule of law, he had said it right after where Todd cut him off!

THE NARRATIVE: [5:48] – Dan Bongino is fond of saying that Leftists don’t tell you THE story; they tell you A story that supports their narrative.

In this case, a black man was shot dead in Georgia by two white men who thought he was a criminal. And by the shooters’ own accounts, they screwed up – big time.

But the Mayor of Atlanta has already blamed Trump, saying he gave racists permission to run around shooting black people.

ISRAEL: [4:49] – A college student in Ecuador cares about Israel because he cares about truth.

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