Mama and Baby Owls with Egg and Nest

I just finished this for my two youngest grands and I’m SO excited about how great it turned out! For scale, the squares in the background are 2″ x 2″. It’s a paid crochet pattern that was very well written, lavishly illustrated, and easy to follow. I put the info at the bottom for any crocheters who are interested. It’s all single crochet worked in the round, with some increasing and decreasing, plus a row of reverse single crochet to finish the top of the nest and a bit of stitching and stuffing. I’d call it maybe an advanced beginner level.

2020_05 12a Owl in nest

2020_05 12b Owl tipped shows egg inside

2020_05 12c Owl w egg and nest

2020_05 12d Owl owlet egg open

2020_05 12e Owl Owlet Pattern pic


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2 responses to “Mama and Baby Owls with Egg and Nest

  1. Very cute! I’m not going to show that to my grandson or he’ll never give me a minute’s peace until I make one for him. 🙂

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL There has been a smitch of polite envy coming from the other two grand-homes! But I had so much fun making this that I sent a link to the designer’s store. She has SO many wonderful patterns, some similar to this, some little play sets, and a bunch that are funny coin purses. The Mascots picked the Sea Tortoise Mama and egg/baby, but dunno yet about what the Texans wants. Owls are going to the Adirondacks crew.

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