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May the Force of Andrew Klavan Be With You

Klavan’s episode today is totally awesome and so worth watching that I am giving it its own blog posting. I strongly encourage all my highly intelligent and deeply thoughtful readers (which, of course, is all of you!) to give it your precious time and attention.

Click to see it on Facebook [28:54] or YouTube [46:57].

A few gems to whet your appetite …

Trump is making federalism great again.

Governors refusing to reopen are mainly motivated by fear of the media.

Without freedom, there can be no liberty.

If the government mandates it, then it’s not charity.

An awesome clip comparison between President Trump and Chicago’s mayor talking about those protesting continued lockdown.

We have seen the press stripped naked in this crisis.

The press went ballistic about how outrageous it was for President Trump to say he was treated worse than Lincoln who was assassinated. What Trump actually said was he has been treated worse than Lincoln by the press.

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Bits & Bytes

Click  to hear a rare message from former President George W. Bush, encouraging us all in this difficult time.

WU FLU: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [3:37] The evidence strongly supports the conclusion that COVID-19 was a naturally occurring virus that escaped from a sloppily run lab and that the ChiComs then allowed the entire world to become infected by it.

Part of this is confusing, because they got their negatives muddled and ended up trying to say the same thing three times.

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