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2020_05 02 Before you were born

2020_04 D in DIY mask

COVID-19: Start getting your life back, but do it carefully, because COVID-19 is not over. As U.S. history shows, the danger of second waves is something to think about. For instance, the second wave of the Spanish flu resulted in the highest number of American deaths. Unfortunately, there are already reports of second waves of COVID-19 in Japan, Singapore, and China.

2020_05 02 So Dakota

HURRAY: [2:11] – Click to hear South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem talk about her “Back to Normal” executive order.

People “are the source of the power and legitimacy of our government. Not the media.”

2020_05 02 tucker

CALIFORNIA: Click to hear Tucker Carlson interview a California barber who has received a “Cease and Desist” order, but who is determined to stay open anyway. “We’re all in the same storm together, but we’re definitely not in the same boat.”

I wish our barber could reopen. Dearest and I both look a mess.

2020_05 02 maine

MAINE: The restaurateur who said he was opening no matter what has had his business license revoked. There’s a GoFundMe campaign to help him with his fight against government tyranny.

The goal was $10,000. I checked it just 4 hours after it had been launched; they had more than $47K! Link below.

2020_05 02 michigan

MICHIGAN: The Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature refused a second extension of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers declaration. Without the legislature’s approval, the governor’s emergency order expired at midnight.

Gov. Gretchen “Jackboot” Whitmer extended the emergency order until May 28 anyway. State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey promised a lawsuit: “The Senate offered to work with our governor to reach a compromise on the stay-at-home order, but she did not accept our offer.

Hundreds of angry citizens stormed the state capitol building in protest of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s insane orders that not only keep businesses closed, but also restrict the sale of certain items in stores that are open.

She has also decreed that you’re a criminal if you try to get your vegetable garden planted or drop in on elderly neighbors to see if they need anything.

2020_05 02 tennessee

TENNESSEE: The Knox County government attempted to set its own rules for reopening churches. One thing that didn’t fly was banning “non-essential” things like groups, classes, youth services, singing, communion, baptism and the Bible. My screenshot of the blank page above used to say, among other things,

The physical taking of communion/sacrament should not be performed due to the serial breaking of physical distancing across a congregation. Consider guiding parishioners in how to connect with the spiritual aspects of these practices during this phase.”

The county’s requirements for churches were overridden by Gov. Lee’s Executive Order 30, which says local governments cannot issue rules about places of worship, because, you know, the First Amendment and stuff. So, now the Knox County page about worship just says, “Follow State Guidelines.

However, it fails in a petulant, sour grapey way to provide a LINK to said guidelines, though it did provide a link to New York’s guideline for worship from March 22, which banned church services altogether. One may recall that March 22 was the beginning of the shut down, not the beginning of the Phase One reopening. Derp.

I actually had a hard time finding Governor Lee’s guidelines, but when I did finally locate them, I noted there was a big emphasis on First Amendment rights and personal responsibility. The document provides guidelines, but notes repeatedly that decisions on how to implement them need to be made by individual congregations.

Leading well through this time of uncertainty is essential; involve your leadership team to creatively and safely navigate this time of transition.”

The communion section says, “Modify distribution protocols if your tradition involves shared food or drink(e.g. communion). Avoid passing a plate or cup.”

2020_05 02 trump flynn

SPYGATE UPDATES: Former FBI General Counsel James Baker is cooperating in the Durham investigation. He says there is a mole inside the FBI who is leaking information to the press about how current FBI Director Christopher Wray and his general counsel, Dana Boente.

The mole says Wray and Boente did everything they could to prevent Michael Flynn’s attorney from getting her hands on exculpatory information. Baker also says that Dana Boente is the person who talked former AG Jeff Session into recusing himself from the Trump/Russia collusion case.

Also, internal FBI documents unsealed Thursday indicate that Peter Strzok — the now-disgraced anti-Trump former head of FBI counterintelligence — ordered the investigation of Flynn to remain open after it had been slated to be closed due to a lack of so-called “derogatory” information.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [6:36] – A month after Tara Reade’s allegation went public, ABC, CBS, and NBC are finally covering the story … so they can defend Joe Biden.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said, “The right isn’t running an intellectually honest operation to get to the bottom of whether Tara Reade was victimized. The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden.”

Meanwhile, the Slime Stream Media gave three times as many minutes in a single day to VP Pence’s maskless face as they gave over a whole month to Joe Biden’s fingers going up Tara Reade’s vajayjay.

2020_05 02 media

BIDEN: [18:14] – Everyone, including Team Biden, expected Mika Brzezinski would give Joe soft-ball questions and pillow fluffing support for having to deal with Tara Reade’s allegations. Instead, Brzezinski shredded Biden.

Since there is absolutely no way I believe Mika wants to help Republicans or harm Democrats, I gotta wonder what got into her! Is there someone sitting in the wings that the Dem PTBs has decided will be the nominee, the way they decided that Hillary was going to give way to Barack in 2008 and Bernie was going to give way to Hillary in 2016?

In other news, another of Gropey Joe’s victims has come forward. Compared with Tara Reade’s story, the 2008 incident is rather tame. But the fact that Biden knew Eva Murray was 14 when he gawped at her breasts and exclaimed about how “well endowed” she was is disgusting.

Murray’s older sister said she heard about the alleged incident a week or so after it happened. “[My sister] told me about the comment in detail from her perspective, specifically that he looked her up and down and stared right at her chest and made her feel really uncomfortable. I remember being really pissed off on her behalf. … I told basically all my friends about it at the time.”

I can appreciate how vulnerable he made her feel. When I was a teen, I went to a public event wearing an outfit that made me look older and more well endowed than I was. I liked how it made me feel grown up and womanly.

But I did not like the attention it got me in the form of a creepy older man who actually followed me home. Later, when he showed up in my backyard while I was sitting out on the screen porch, I shouted at him, “I’m 15. Go away!” Thankfully, he did. I never wore that outfit again.

2020_05 things that kill

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On Wednesday’s Amanpour & Co. on PBS and CNN International, host Christiane Amanpour and former Senator Heidi Heitkamp put their heads together to agree, minus any facts or data, that Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been an utter failure.

Yet no American patient who needed one has been denied a hospital bed or a ventilator. This has certainly not been true in countries with allegedly superior nationalized health care systems. (Translation: Stingier health care systems.)

Amanpour commented: “Certainly the President brags every single day about what a great job that they’re doing. And it’s remarkable how few politicians, obviously considering the seriousness of this pandemic, are willing to say the emperor has no clothes.

Funny thing how, when Trump brags, he cites facts and data. Amanpour had nothing to offer apart from her TDSy feeeeeelings. For example, she praised jerk-nalist Nuzzi’s clown question, “If an American President loses more Americans in six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War, does he deserve to be reelected?

TDSers totally ignore the FACT that under President Trump’s leadership, the United States has had one of the lowest per capita COVID-19 death rates in the world.

We also have the highest per capita testing rate. We also have more than half a dozen vaccines in Phase 1 trials and about four dozen treatments that are being tried in the field.

Because of Trump’s question, “Can’t you sterilize some of these mask?”, there is now a machine that allows N95 masks to be reused up to 20 times each.

The media excoriated him for praising the potential that hydroxychloroquine appeared to have, yet there are many people alive now who not only credit the drug with saving their lives, but say it was Trump bringing it to their attention that led to them ask their doctors to try it.

2020_05 02 homicide

FISH TANK CLEANER: Speaking of hydroxychloroquine … remember that couple that supposedly drank fish tank cleaner “because Trump said to”?

He died. She didn’t.

Then we found out that she HATES Trump. And hadn’t much liked her husband either. In fact, the cops had been called to their house at least once over a domestic disturbance.

Delving deeper, reporters learned that the husband was a retired engineer who was considered very intelligent by those who knew him.

Friends insisted it “just doesn’t make any sense” that he would have willingly ingested fish tank cleaner on a whim.

The latest update is … homicide detectives now have an active investigation going. They can’t discuss details.

2020_05 02 cooper

TDS: Cooper’s anger would be better directed at China’s communist government for its role in obfuscating what they knew about coronavirus early on.

2020_05 02 vogue

CORRUPTING OUR YOUTH: Teen Vogue used to be a magazine for teens who were interested in new fashion trends and latest celebrity news.

Now, it has turned into a weapon of the Left, promoting abortion and socialism to its young readers.

GRAMMY NOTES: Kudos to all of my heroes!

2020_05 02 dog good boy

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