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Chris Cuomo, thy name is HYPOCRITE

2020_05 02 cuomo hypocrite

Hypocrisy was the word of the day over on CNN’s PrimeTime, where host Chris Cuomo spent a portion of Tuesday’s show ripping Vice President Mike Pence for not wearing a face mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic.

Pence said he didn’t need one, because he had recently been tested and didn’t have the virus.

Chris Cuomo sneered at Pence saying, “If you’re supposed to wear a mask, you should wear a mask. … We don’t know that you’re 100 percent not contagious when you test negative.”

Rules for thee, but not for me” may as well be the Cuomo family motto. Continue reading


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Bits & Bytes

2020_05 01 covid vaccine

COVID-19 VACCINE: The Trump administration is partnering with public and private entities to produce a coronavirus vaccine for the public by the end of 2020.

The partnership involves the military, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. Continue reading


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