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Dan Bongino’s Thursday, April 30, 2020 episode is all about why Barack Obama and specific individuals at the top of the FBI and the intelligence community not just wanted, but needed to destroy General Michael Flynn.

This whole episode is worth watching!

At 38:30, he plays the clip of Comey admitting to what he had done and getting chuckles and applause for it. I’m reminded of Joe Biden bragging about how he pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the guy who was investigating his son.

2020_04 30 Priestap note

At 42:00, he shows and talks about the handwritten note that exposes the whole dirty background of their plot to destroy General Flynn.

2020_04 30 Strzok Page

At 48:30, he shows and talks about an email exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page about how to include the mandatory “you can’t lie to a federal agent” warning without making him careful enough of his exact words that they can’t later accuse him of lying.

Remember, Strzok and Page are the FBI agent and lawyer who were having an adulterous affair whose deep loathing for all things Trump was revealed in their electronic communications.

2020_05 01 sessions comey

Click to hear Tucker Carlson interview former AG Jeff Sessions about his opinion of James Comey [3:16] – Basically, he wanted Comey gone from day one.

Rep. Doug Collins joins Maria Bartiromo about the latest round of exculpatory evidence. [6:26] – It’s long past time for the scumbags to be indicted, tried, convicted, and put behind bars.

POTUS said, “The top of the FBI was scum.” [1:28] – President Trump says he will “certainly consider” bringing retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn back into his administration, adding he believes his former national security adviser will be “fully exonerated” in light of new evidence in the federal case against him.

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