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2020_04 26 Chesterton

APRIL 24 TASK FORCE BRIEFING: [21:38] – This was the shortest briefing to date, but there really isn’t anything new to talk about and Trump is clearly fed up with the stupid media. I saw something about how he had signed the PPP plus up right before and the jerk-nalists had made a thing about how he “told” everyone to inhale Lysol, which he obviously never did.

Anyway, he read his remarks with very little of the usual off-script comments. (I would hate to be his speech writer!) It talked about progress over the last seven days, said that half the states have taken significant steps to open their economies, and asked us to maintain vigilance, hygiene, social distancing, and face coverings. “This country is a great place and it’s going to be greater than ever before.”

Six to 11 minutes: Dr. Hahn talked about how the FDA has approved an at-home COVID-19 test kit and elaborated on how Trump’s public-private collaboration has produced extraordinary results. E.g., creating, testing, and marketing tests and treatments for a new disease test has traditionally taken years. They’ve done it for COVID-19 in weeks.

Eleven to 21 minutes: VP Pence talked about the success of Trump’s whole-of-government and public-private approach to this crisis. The current focus is on helping states facilitate testing so they can reopen safely. As of April 24, 5.1 million Americans had been tested. As testing increases, the number of identified cases will go up, but this shouldn’t discourage or frighten anyone, because the numbers of hospitalizations, etc., are going down in most areas. Cases in Massachusetts have apparently not peaked yet. “We are slowing the spread. We are protecting our most vulnerable.

2020_04 26 drown

DISINFECTANT:  Pelosi repeated the absurd claim, “The president is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs,” which he absolutely didn’t.

Apparently, “My faith is very important to me” Nancy wasn’t paying attention during the catechism lessons about not bearing false witness.

SCHIFF: [1:29] – In the video, Adam Schiff makes the absurd claim that COVID-19 has been deadly, because the Senate didn’t impeach Trump.

Do Democrat voters actually believe this crap?

2020_04 26 whitmer

WHITMER: Michigan’s vile governor says she has no idea how a contract to do contact tracing got awarded to one of her campaign’s vendors.

After alarm bells started going off over the idea of such a liberal outfit collecting that amount of personal data about Michigan voters, the contract was canceled and the vendor is suddenly nowhere to be found.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [:51] – Mika and Morning Joe let Biden lie about what Trump said and about the science.

Flu season ends when the warmer, more humid weather comes around. Duh. So why are there bad outbreaks in places like Miami? More duh. People live inside with their air conditioning. (I saw someplace, but don’t remember where, that most of the traced infections originated from indoor contacts. Outdoors, the virus doesn’t do well, which would be another argument for not closing parks and playgrounds.)

On Friday, Mika fumed about reporters at Fox News who are nothing but Trump “puppets” who are “constantly going on the air, constantly repeating what he says verbatim.”

Oh my. How AWFUL to repeat what a news source says verbatim … as opposed to what she and Joe do, which is totally make stuff up out of thin air.

On The View, the hags called Joe Biden “sane” and “stable.” They also expressed a desire for a prolonged economic downturn that would hurt Trump’s re-election prospects.

Yeah, cuz people suffering from widespread unemployment isn’t nearly as important as getting rid of Orange. Man. Bad.

For some reason, (I have no idea who or why) somebody asked the CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins, to swap seats with someone from a lesser outlet before the April 24th Task Forcing briefing. The White House Correspondents’ Association is responsible for assigning seats at White House press briefings; it always gives CNN the front and center spot, so she had a right to refuse, which she did.

But Jim Acosta blamed Trump and called it “Soviet-style totalitarian behavior.” Acosta had no evidence that the request originated with Trump, not that this ever bothers him just so long as he can take a dig at The Donald. Plus, I’m pretty sure the Soviets didn’t have press briefings.

WHACKY MOMENTS: [6:22] – The usual unnamed sources and flat out liars pushing the Left’s agenda.

2020_04 26 lockdown

LOCKDOWNS vs. MITIGATION: “Many policies provide public-health benefits in pandemics, such as making facemasks mandatory, cancelling school, and banning large assemblies and long-distance travel. But ordering people to cower in their homes, harassing people for having playdates in the park, and ordering small businesses to close regardless of their hygienic procedures has no demonstrated effectiveness.” – Lyman Stone

I don’t understand most of this article. It’s here if you care to look at it.

SPYGATE UPDATE: [5:16] – It looks like the Spygate scandal is going to shift from the “we can say whatever we want” arenas of politics and media to the “prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” arena of the judicial system.

2020_04 26 hoax

SMOLLETT UPDATE: Jussie Smollett tried to sue the City of Chicago and several of its police officers for malicious prosecution. A federal judge tossed it out, because Smollett has been re-indicted on charges stemming from the same incident.

If he were to win the criminal case, he would presumably be free to refile his lawsuit.

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  1. Over at mindfulwebworks today, I posted a fresh memework.

    Chief Inquistor’s Governing Decrees
    Harry Potter-themed take on Gov Whitmer (and her ilk) and their imperial decrees

    And, right after I posted that, I read this:
    Michigan Democrat Gov Whitmer Has Emergency Powers Repealed by State Legislature — she says she’ll veto. Don’t know what the Mich. veto override situation would be. But, it’s a start.

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      Harry Potter ref is PERFECT!!! (Or should I say PUURfect, given Delores’ passion for ugly kitten plates?)