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2020_04 25 I am a Christian

TASK FORCE BRIEFING: April 23 [1:14:20] – We’re winning. We need to continue with mitigation practices. Universities that shouldn’t have gotten aid intended for small colleges are being gracious about returning the money. Etc. etc.

Sorry, I’m tired.


2020_04 25 respiratory

RESPIRATORY THERAPIST: From Facebook – “I watched the clip about the ‘disinfectant that Trump talking about.’ People need to listen closely. He is basically brain storming for an idea to help the lungs. He stated that the disinfectant kills the virus in one minute, so he proposed the question can we inject disinfectant (not Lysol), he used the word ‘disinfectant’, in the lungs, but that is for the doctors to figure out.

“Now a lay person like Trump will say disinfectant and a medical person would say ‘medicine.’ Medicine dumped into the lungs happens all the time! I personally have dumped respiratory medicine down an Endotracheal tube directly into the lungs. When babies are born prematurely, guess what? Yes we ‘inject’ the lungs with a medicine called surfactant that helps keep the alveoli open to oxygenate the lungs. Antibiotics are sometimes injected into infected parts of lungs through a chest tube.

“So what I want the general public to know, is that we do ‘inject’ medicine into peoples’ lungs, that yes it does act like a disinfectant (antibiotics), so why is everyone in uproar over this? If you are a lay person and don’t understand what he said then ask a medical person. His statement was so twisted around and misinterpreted, and this is coming from a Respiratory Therapist that has injected medicine in peoples lungs.

“Lysol brand has perpetrated misinformation and panicked the general public who doesn’t know anything about lungs. And Trump never used the word ‘Lysol.’ So why did Lysol brand think he was talking about them? That’s narcissistic on their part. Why would Lysol brand embrace that? They look ignorant.

“So people, yes, we do inject medicine into the lungs! This is why people need to know the facts and stop panicking people.”

2020_04 25 coronavirus

COVID-19: Until now, the first COVID-19 death in the United States was a Washington man who died Feb. 29. But recent autopsies of two people who died at home on Feb. 6 and Feb. 17 showed they did not die from the flu, as previously believed, but of the novel coronavirus.

The county health department said both individuals had died when very limited testing was available for the new virus and was only being done on individuals with a known travel history and who had sought medical care for specific symptoms.

At this time, these are the earliest-known victims in the United States. However, now that testing is more available, coroners are going back to retest people whose cause of death may have been listed incorrectly.

They also now have genetic data showing that while the Washington outbreak came directly from Wuhan, the New York outbreak came in from Europe.

PPP: [6:52] After unnecessary delay from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats, Congress is finally replenishing President Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Pelosi wasn’t just stalling for her pet pork projects and social justice agenda items like nationalized mail-in voting. She was also trying to extort bailouts of blue states that have big union pension problems.

The PPP ensures that employers can continue to pay workers and cover costs during the outbreak so when we are able to reopen, those businesses and jobs will still be there. Personal stories of actual businesses saved are at the links below.

2020_04 25 CNN Cuomo

CHRIS CHOMO: CLICK HERE [6:39] to listen to Tucker Carlson interview the “jacka** loser fat tire biker” guy that the New York governor’s brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, went off on for suggesting he should be in quarantine.

2020_04 25 cuomo tweet

ANDREW CUOMO: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked by a reporter on Wednesday about the very real concerns of people who are protesting to reopen the economy.

His response was, “If you want to go to work, go take the job as an essential worker. Do it tomorrow.

2020_04 25 DISGUSTING

DISGUSTING: Tens of thousands of Americans have died and the economy is in shambles. But Nicolle Wallace, of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, says there’s a “silver lining” because it’s supposedly hurting Trump politically.

2020_04 25 30 day trial

SILVER LININGS: In my little corner of reality, the actual silver linings include that Americans are getting a 2-month trial of what “Democratic Socialism” is AND that the ensuing lawsuits will create multiple legal precedents to help us resist it.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Bill Barr said that not only can people sue over state and local measures that go too far, but that the Justice Department could choose to side with them.

Our federal constitutional rights don’t go away in an emergency. They constrain what the government can do,” Barr said in the Tuesday interview.

And in a circumstance like this, they put on the government the burden to make sure that whatever burdens it’s putting on our constitutional liberties are strictly necessary to deal with the problem.”

You know, the idea that you have to stay in your house is disturbingly close to house arrest. I’m not saying it wasn’t justified. I’m not saying in some places it might still be justified. But it’s very onerous, as is shutting down your livelihood.

So these are very, very burdensome impingements on liberty, and we adopted them, we have to remember, for the limited purpose of slowing down the spread, that is bending the curve. … And we are now seeing that these are bending the curve, and now we have to come up with more targeted approaches.”

2020_04 25 AOC zero cents

BABYLON BEE: After AOC called for a job boycott once the economy opens back up, everyone said they were totally OK with it, as long as it’s just her and maybe some of her associates.

2020_04 25 georgia

GEORGIA: Gov. Brian Kemp, R-GA, said that his state will allow certain businesses to reopen for limited operation.

For weeks now, my team has worked closely with the Trump Administration and our federal counterparts to mitigate the impact of coronavirus in Georgia. Our decisions and direction are informed by data and public health recommendations,” Kemp said.

2020_04 25 kavanaugh thomas

SCOTUS: The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the government has the authority to deport permanent residents with green cards if they are convicted of serious crimes.

In another decision, Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh mentioned decisions they believe were incorrect in relation to the Fourteenth Amendment. One of the three (Dred Scott) has been overturned.

    1. Roe v. Wade which imposed abortion on demand across the United States,
    2. Obergefell v. Hodges which imposed homosexual “marriage” across the United States, and
    3. Dred Scott v. Sandford which deprived black people of American citizenship.

Section One of the 14th Amendment says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

I’m no legal scholar (not even close!), but to my mind, “all persons born” suggests that human beings are “persons” before birth and, while the 14th Amendment says they can not yet be counted as citizens, it does say they are entitled to protection from being killed.

2020_04 25 trans

TRANS: Parents of gender-dysphoric children need to stop jumping on the trans bandwagon. Puberty blockers and surgeries to remove reproductive organs have irreversible, lifelong consequences. If adults want to make permanent changes to their bodies, maybe* we should let them. But kids? Hell no.

Maybe* … or not. I mean, would any surgeon agree to satisfy a person’s mentally dysfunctional “need” to be an amputee? “Body integrity identity disorder” is a real thing. Recommended treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants, not pandering to the disorder by permanently damaging the patient’s healthy body.

2020_04 25 mass

CATHOLIC: Archbishop Jose Gomez, president of the U.S. bishop’s conference, invited all U.S. bishops to join him on May 1 to reconsecrate the United States to the Blessed Virgin Mary in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Marian consecration will be done under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church.

Archbishop Gomez said: “Every year, the Church seeks the special intercession of the Mother of God during the month of May. This year, we seek the assistance of Our Lady all the more earnestly as we face together the effects of the global pandemic.”

Also, public Masses are resuming (with social distancing etc.) in two Montana dioceses (Great Falls-Billings and Helena), one diocese in Texas (Lubbock), and one in New Mexico (Las Cruces).

2020_04 25 crochet Wilson

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