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2020_04 25 I am a Christian

TASK FORCE BRIEFING: April 23 [1:14:20] – We’re winning. We need to continue with mitigation practices. Universities that shouldn’t have gotten aid intended for small colleges are being gracious about returning the money. Etc. etc.

Sorry, I’m tired.

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2020_04 25 life

I just saw a piece with the headline, “We’ve been had“, that was based on information about COVID-19 infection rates that was obtained during the past few DAYS.

Twenty-twenty hindsight is grand, isn’t it?

It’s also donkey doo and I for one am getting really sick of seeing and hearing this kind of crap from armchair pundits who think they’ve got any right to sneer at the decisions that were made by President Trump and his Task Force.

These people are smarter, better educated, and more experienced in their various fields than any pundit alive. AND they all had to make life and death decisions with far less information then than any of us has now.

Working together, as a team, they made sure that our death rate was far below any model’s projections. They made sure that in record time, we developed, built, tested, licensed, manufactured, and shipped what was needed so that no American went without a hospital bed or a ventilator or a physician or a nurse or a respiratory therapist or PPEs or medicines. Because of all their efforts, we already have multiple tests for a brand new disease and we already have multiple treatments and vaccines being tested for safety and efficacy. Continue reading


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