Task Force Briefing: April 22

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[1:37:55] – Hot spots are improving.

3 minutes through 17 minutes: Dr. Redfield (Dir. Of CDC) and Dr. Birx speak to clarify a FAKE NEWS story about next fall when flu season comes around again. Main takeaways –

  • COVID-19 is going to make flu season more complicated, but there is no reason to suppose (as the media claimed) that we’ll have to do a big close down like we are doing now.
  • They’ll be able to handle outbreaks with local containment.
  • Get a flu shot.
  • Practice social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, etc., to mitigate transmission of flu and coronavirus.
  • We don’t know if COVID-19 will come back. At all.
  • Even if it comes back, we understand it now, so there won’t be another global pandemic.
  • Flu infections may even go down, particularly if more people get the flu vaccine and practice all the mitigation methods we now know so well.
  • We don’t know what kind of flu season we’ll have next fall and winter.

The CDC director says he was quoted accurately in the text of the Washington Post story, but that the headline – “CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating” – was totally inaccurate and alarmist. Or, as Trump said, “FAKE NEWS.”

Trump solved the ventilator problem so well, we are now sending them to other countries. “Nobody thought this could be done. The Fake News never talks about what a great job we’ve done with ventilators.”

2020_04 23 Trump media ass

The jerk-nalists really got their panties in a bunch about this entire segment. I can already hear Mika, Joe, the hags on The View, etc. ranting about how mean Trump is to call them out for their lies.

I swear, some, not all, but maybe most of these twerps don’t listen to the Task Force briefings or anything Trump says with an eye toward accurately informing voters. This, after all, is the function of the Fourth Estate and the reason why they have so much power. But, no, they don’t listen to learn; they listen to find gotcha moments.

18 minutes: Reopening carefully is critical if we aren’t going to have a rebound with more deaths. The Task Force is working closely with the states to scale up testing, which will be crucial to reopening.

22 minutes: The Navy’s Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds will be doing stunt fly overs in major metro areas to pay tribute to the pandemic’s front line workers.

The military is working at full capacity. Thousands of medical military members are deployed to metro hot spots.

The Senate voted to replenish the PPP with an addition $310 billion. So far as I can tell, the House isn’t even in session, so I have no idea when Fancy Nancy will get a round to voting on this important bill.

38 minutes: VP Pence spoke. We’re building our national emergency medical stockpile. The military is helping to disinfect nursing homes. Wal*Mart is making gowns; Honda is making face shields; New Balance is making masks. “It really has been a whole of America approach. … It’s working. We’re getting there. We can see light at the end of the tunnel.”

46 minutes: Dr. Fauci spoke. Our 45 days of mitigation has worked and we can work toward reopening America. It’s important that we all follow the Guidelines they put together so we can reopen safely and not let the virus rebound. “I plead … do it in a measured way.”

53 minutes: Trump takes questions. He signed his 60 day pause on immigration right before the briefing, so many of the questions were about that. There is an exception in the executive order for migrant workers the American farmers need. He’s open to modifying, extending, whatever, depending on what we need as time goes by. Meanwhile, the wall is continuing to be built and Mexico has 27,000 soldiers on their side protecting our southern border.

About 25% of the deaths have been in nursing homes, so that is and will continue to be of particular concern. Early on, President Trump increased standards for nursing homes and send thousands of inspectors to ensure they were followed.

1 hour 9 minutes: Dr. Birx talked about the mechanics of testing and how complex a problem it is to maximize capacity.

Jerk-nalist who didn’t do his homework asks, “So and so is breaking with your recommendations about blah blah. Do you agree with this action?”

Dr. Birx answers, “That was in our guidelines from the very beginning, so yes, I agree with that action.” ::smh::

1 hour 15 to 17 minutes: Surgeon General speaks about what they’re doing to increase access to testing, particularly in underserved and vulnerable populations.

1 hour 21 minutes: Another jerk-nalist asked a gotcha question about something the Surgeon General said A MONTH AGO.

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