April 21: Task Force Briefing

KEEP AT IT: [:23] – The Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, says mitigation works. Keep at it.

2020_04 22 cases deaths

[1:09:58] – Twenty states, about 40% of the nation, are moving quickly to reopen safely. The states that have issued timelines are listed at this link.

The Senate has approved additional funding for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). It includes $382 billion for workers, $75 billion for hospitals, and $25 for virus testing. Trump urged the House to pass it as well.

Harvard University ($8.6 million), Shake Shack ($10 million), Ruth’s Chris Steak House ($20 million), and some other big companies that grabbed money out of the PPP are going to give it back or else. The money is for SMALL businesses that are on the brink of bankruptcy, not big organizations that have access to capital to tide them over.

24 minutes: Dr. Birx says most of the large metro areas are showing improvement. They are still seeing outbreaks in long-term care facilities.

29 minutes: Stephen Hahn (FDA) talked about antibody tests and the regulatory flexibility the FDA provided to speed up the process of getting new tests validated so they can move to marketing quickly. They’re going after cheaters to protect consumers.

49 minutes: Migrant farm workers will not be affected by the 60 day suspension of immigration.

1 hr, 2 minutes: Trump says Harvard is one of the richest organizations in the world and it needs to give back the PPP money it took. That money was intended for SMALL businesses, not a university with a $40 billion endowment fund. Harvard says they intend to keep the money; Trump indicated there would be payback if they did.

A reporter asked about Trump golf courses. He said his kids are running his businesses and that they follow the state policies.

1 hr, 4 minutes: Dr. Birx and Trump talked about re-opening issues. One reporter noted some countries have tried to reopen only to have a resurgence of the disease. Dr. Birx stressed that the guidelines for every stage of reopening include “Keep On Doing Mitigation.” My doctor told me on Monday that he thinks we’re going to be wearing masks for a year.

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