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2020_04 21 Protection

APRIL 19: Task Force Briefing [1:29:18] – We have tested 4.18 million Americans for COVID-19. This is more than France, the U.K., South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, and Canada combined.

2020_04 21 trump

CtH – I tried, but I’m just too tired to watch the rest of this one. However, Fox News did a decent job of annotating it, if you’re interested.

2020_04 21 Trump vs Trump Hate

TRUMP REWRITES THE BOOK ON EMERGENCIES: Christopher DeMuth writes in The Wall Street Journal – “Washington’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is upending one of the most durable patterns of American politics. Throughout history, national emergencies have led to a more powerful and centralized federal government and to the transfer of federal power from Congress to the executive branch. This time, the federal response rests largely on state and local government and private enterprise, with a wave of deregulation clearing the way.”

Rather than exploit Coronavirus to seize more power, “for the first time in U.S. history, an administration is responding to a crisis with deregulation and decentralization.”

DEMOCRATS SUCKS: [:49] – As the Payroll Protection Program was rapidly running out of money, leaving small business owners high and dry, Speaker Pelosi closed the House and went home.

The tone deaf multi-millionaire appeared on a late night television show, bragging on her gourmet ice cream collection that “you buy online” (for $12 a pint). She keeps her favorite treats in her two huge refrigerators that cost more than many Americans people make in a year.

2020_04 21 Queen of Mean

CINO Nancy, who regularly mounts her high horse to point her judgy pointer finger at Republicans’ moral shortcomings, received a two thumbs up tweet from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Former Vice President Joe Biden reacted to the clip of Pelosi with the refrigerators, saying, “You have great taste @SpeakerPelosi.”

Remember this in November.

BONGINO: [7:53] – Fox News contributor Dan Bongino reacts to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling stay-at-home protests ‘unfortunate.’

Pelosi has 90+ million dollars and she lives in a mansion and pays top dollar for her favorite brand of ice cream. Does she have a clue? She does not.

On a personal note, I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. He said he thinks we’ll be wearing masks for another year, because it’s going to take that long to get a vaccine.

2018_01 10 Holder tweet re Russia

SPYGATE UPDATE: Recently declassified documents show that Russia was far more interested in sowing doubt about American democracy than in picking a specific winner or loser in the 2016 race.

I never thought it made a speck of sense to think Russia would want to help Trump win. Hillary, sure. They had history with her letting them screw us over (Uranium One). But MAGA “Art of the Deal” Trump? Come on.

2020_04 21 catholic

CATHOLIC: In March, word spread quickly on social media that Saint Corona was the patron saint of pandemics. A Snopes report said that’s not true.

The article linked below gives a big “so what” to Snopes. I recommend you read it. It’s both informative and charmingly amusing.

Briefly, the message is, “Do these wet blankets really think Corona is going to refuse our prayers just because she’s not an officially designated plague saint?”

Sure, we might think of [the saints] as having specialties. My buddy Tom helps me with my taxes because he’s an accountant; Roger gives me fresh produce because he’s a farmer. But if I needed help moving furniture or throwing a birthday party for my wife, I know I could count on both of them to pitch in. What are friends for? … It’s true that patronages are often assigned by the Holy See. … Historically, however, these specialties were usually assigned by the lay faithful. … If Saint Corona was not a plague saint before, she is now. ”

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  1. bragging on her gourmet ice cream collection

    That wasn’t even the worst of it. That refrig and freezer Pelosi’s standing in front of are top-quality top-dollar Sub-Zero™ brand. You can’t buy one of those with a stimulus check.

    Does a good job keeping the other five bottles of beer cold, left over from the six-pack she bought that time when she did a home vidcast. The one that showed she didn’t even know how to drink from a bottle.

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