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2020_04 19 Walk with Jesus

APRIL 18: Task Force Briefing [1:07:25] – Yay! I got in a great nap and have lots of energy to listen to this for all y’all.

On a per capita basis, our mortality is far lower than other nations, with the exception of Germany (if their numbers are accurate), Iran and China (whose numbers are fershure not accurate). Media says nothing but, “We have the most deaths! Orange. Man. Bad.”

The Payroll Protection Program is so successful at saving small businesses from closing for good that the $350 billion is gone. Small businesses make up about 50% of our economy.

Republicans want to pump another $250 billion into the program immediately. Democrats have been holding up the vote trying to get more pork, just like they did with the virus aid package.

We’ve done twice as many tests as any other nation. Other nations are asking us how they can get our tests. In hot spots, we’ve tested more people per capita (30,000 per million) than in any of the European nations with socialized medicine.

2020_04 20 US health care is better

We have enough ventilators and are now in a position to assist other countries which are in dire need of these complex and very expensive pieces of life-saving equipment.

Trump went on an extended gripe about the mean-spirited treatment that Democrats and their lapdogs in the media give him and the Task Force. From his words and tone, it seems he is most griped by the way they treat the vice president. I have to agree. Being mean to Mike Pence is like kicking a puppy.

At 30 minutes, Dr. Birx did her thing with graphs. Social distancing works. China’s numbers are absurd. So are Iran’s. “If you are the first country with an outbreak, you have a moral obligation to provide your information to the rest of the world.” The data that Birx’s team compiles daily directs decision-making.

At 48:00 minutes, some jerk-nalist made a belligerent speech couched as a question. His tone was truly offensive. Basically, “Why aren’t you forcing companies to produce stuff?” Hmm, let me think. How many times has he answered this question? Once, twice, three times per briefing? So. Sick. Of. The. Media.

At 50:00 minutes, a reporter “asked” about Trump’s tweet noting the disparity between the way Democrats treat Jews and Christians vs. the way they treat Muslims. (By “asked”, I mean, “Made a sneering statement couched as a question.”) Trump’s tweet just pondered if they’ll treat Muslims more generously during Ramadan (starts April 23) than they did Christians during Easter week.

COVID-19: [6:41] – Consumer Lab video explains how to disinfect a variety of materials in the home.

I find it helpful to keep in mind that, outside a living cell, the viral agent is protected for a period of time by its thin lipid (fat) layer. Like any kind of oil, fat is made stronger by cold and weaker by heat. It also balls up and persists on smooth surfaces, especially plastic, but is absorbed by porous surfaces. Without that lipid layer, the virus degrades and can no longer infect living cells.

FAUCI: [1:35] – The ChiComs lied. Americans died. They must be held accountable.

MY readers don’t need to hear this, but I’ll say it anyway. Chinese-Americans left their miserable country and the Chinese people still there are suffering more than we are. So let’s all be real clear about who needs to be held accountable. (Hint: It’s not the guy who owns the Chinese restaurant down the street. Duh.)

CAVUTO: [5:15] – Retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony J. Tata says, “I wouldn’t trust anything China says.

The ChiComs shut down travel within their own country while allowing others that were infected to go around the world.

BARTIROMO: [7:59] – Peter Navarro talks about the four things the ChiComs did to screw the rest of the world. It’s all a lot more sinister than we ever suspected.

Compare and contrast the atheistic ChiComs’ actions with regard to PPEs and the Judaeo-Christian United States, which is now in a position to help other nations with ventilators.

WUHAN FLU: This is sad, but you should watch the whole thing [6:38] – A woman describes what happened to her and her husband after they contracted COVID-19 in Wuhan, China. This is socialized medicine in an atheistic, communist nation.

RACISM: [1:37] – Black people in China are being evicted by their landlords, refused service in restaurants, etc.

One has to wonder if Sandy “I Hate America” Ocasio has noticed what actual systemic racism looks like.

2020_04 20 California

CALIFORNIA: More Jack Boots in the Land of Nuts and Berries – The State of California has been so determined to make everybody as miserable as possible that they closed all parks effective April 1st. (Where I live, they just closed the bathrooms and reminded everybody about social distancing.)

Some kids in the city of San Clemente continued to skate in a local park, so the idiots (Democrats?) running the city filled the park — at taxpayer expense — with 37 tons of sand … which they’ll have to pay again to remove.

The city’s actions are all the more egregious given that the park was built with money raised by a nonprofit coalition of local families … families who were not even notified that the park would be filled with sand.

MICHIGAN: [4:52] – At least four Michigan sheriffs say they will not enforce Gov. Whitmer’s overly oppressive stay-at-home orders.

Besides making it illegal to buy seeds and other gardening supplies that are being sold in the same store that you’re in already to get groceries, Whitmer decided it’s only virus-safe to fish from a canoe or kayak. Fishing from a boat with a fossil fuel motor is banned. ::facepalm::

2020_04 20 media

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: They remind me of a boss I had once upon a long time ago. I did the office newsletter. No matter how carefully I wrote and formatted it, he’d find fault. I got more and more persnickety until, one day, he couldn’t find so much as a 1/16th of an inch wrong in the margins.

So he decided that one of the words in the bold headline should be substituted with a synonym, forcing me to do the layout all over. Back in the 1970s, “laying out a headline” meant rubbing dry transfer letters on, one at a time, getting them all straight and evenly spaced, and not messing up the spelling. But, yeah, sure, substitute a flippin’ synonym.

2020_04 20 Reade v Ford

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On April 17, CNN finally published a story about Reade’s allegation, but it wasn’t about what Reade said that Biden did.

It was about how Democrats are dealing with the emotional and cognitive dissonance caused by some bitch claiming that their candidate is one of the bad guys.

A Mother Jones story on the same topic noted that eight national organizations who advocate for survivors of sexual abuse were refusing to say anything about Reade’s allegation.

I seem to recall some of them saying the mere fact that Christine Blasey Ford had MADE an allegation was enough to disqualify Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to apply their own screwy logic to the man they intend to nominate for President of the United States.

2020_04 20 tissue

TISSUE ALERT: Angela Primachenko, 27, is a respirator therapist in Vancouver, Washington She was 33 weeks pregnant on March 24 when she tested positive for COVID-19. Eight days later she was fighting for her life on a ventilator while in a medically induced coma. Her doctors induced labor to give her and her daughter, Ava, a fighting chance.

Ava is negative for the virus and Angela is all better. She says two moments stand out for her. One was when she first woke up from the coma and saw her flat belly. The other was when she was wheeled out of the ICU and the staff gave her a standing ovation.

2020_04 20 when you lie


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  1. No matter how carefully I wrote and formatted it, he’d find fault.

    Ah, you needed to take the Author’s Attitude Toward Editors that I learned of (so long ago it was pre-web). — Always leave in a few things that obviously need correction, so the editor will go after those and leave your gems alone.

    Privately-owned skatepark ruined with sand without even prior notification – practically a metaphor for all this egregious overreach.

    I do hope voters remember who turned exceedingly tyrant during all this.

    Out here/down here (depending on where you are) in ‘flyover country’ (a/k/a civilization), it looks like the panic is running its course. We never did get anything like “stay home” enforcement here – thank heavens. Now, formerly empty shelves are staying stocked, although still some low inventory on some things. People are actually out shopping (but not crowding), smiling, laughing, talking to one another, unlike the few hollow-eyed walking dead I was seeing just last week. Restrictions are being followed, but loosely and IMO intelligently. I am hoping we’ll be re-opening places like restaurants soon – so many need the work – and so many are eager to go eat some not-home-cooking, I guess.

    Y’all who are still housebound inside the Corona Curtain, hang in there.

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