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Left vs. Right

Five 5-minute videos by Dennis Prager explore the philosophical differences between Left and Right. This is well worth your time and attention.

Also, bookmark it. You will almost certainly encounter situations down the road where you will want to review what he said on a particular point so you can repeat it to somebody who needs to hear it.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_04 19 Walk with Jesus

APRIL 18: Task Force Briefing [1:07:25] – Yay! I got in a great nap and have lots of energy to listen to this for all y’all.

On a per capita basis, our mortality is far lower than other nations, with the exception of Germany (if their numbers are accurate), Iran and China (whose numbers are fershure not accurate). Media says nothing but, “We have the most deaths! Orange. Man. Bad.”

The Payroll Protection Program is so successful at saving small businesses from closing for good that the $350 billion is gone. Small businesses make up about 50% of our economy.

Republicans want to pump another $250 billion into the program immediately. Democrats have been holding up the vote trying to get more pork, just like they did with the virus aid package. Continue reading


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