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2020_04 19 In God We Trust

OPENING AMERICA: April 17 Task Force Briefing [1:43:57] – Yesterday, I spent so long on the ChiCom/WHO timeline, I didn’t have any energy left to listen to this and provide you with notes. Last night, I slept really badly, so if there was another briefing on the 18th, I’ll probably skip that one too. Sorry about this!

2020_04 19 June 2016

SPYGATE UPDATE: On Friday, a JULY 2018 letter from the DOJ to the FISA Court was declassified. The purpose of the correspondence was to assure the FISA Court, two years in, that the reason for the warrants to spy on Carter Page were still valid.

The blockbuster reveal is shown in the graphic, which I took as a screenshot from the podcast.

Background: The FBI opened “Crossfire Hurricane” (their spying-on-Trump case) in JULY 2016. They still insist that they did not … could not … have used the now-debunked Trump dossier by Christopher Steele to predicate their case, because they supposedly didn’t even see Steele’s information until September 2016.

BUT, the recently declassified July 2018 letter (excerpt shown above) says, “Source 1” (Christopher Steele) was talking to them from JUNE 2016 through AUGUST 2016.

Dan Bongino and a whole list of people he has used as sources have maintained for years that Steele’s Trump dossier was the only thing the FBI and DOJ had to predicate their case for spying on the Trump campaign and then the Trump White House.

Anti-Trump Deep Staters manipulated media leaks and such to make it look like they had other sources. But they didn’t. It was just Steele’s Trump dossierwhich has been thoroughly debunked.

Another piece of the stuff that was declassified on Friday demonstrates that Steele was telling the FBI Trump dossier stuff, then telling the media the same thing, then using the media’s story as “proof” that the stuff was true … and the FBI knew all along.

Bongino cites Conservative Treehouse and other sources. The episode is embedded in the Bongino link below. The Spygate Update segment runs from 14:00 to 34:00.

2020_04 19 fbi

SPYGATE: Two powerful GOP Senators – Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley – are investigating all this stuff. On Thursday, they sent FBI Director Christopher Wray a letter requesting all the records from the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team. They say in the letter,

on January 28, 2020, we wrote to Attorney General Barr and requested the declassification of four footnotes in the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Since then, we received declassified versions of those and other footnotes, and they reveal disturbing facts about the FBI’s investigation: the Crossfire Hurricane team’s investigative file included at least two intelligence reports stating that key parts of the reporting from Christopher Steele—reporting that ‘played a central and essential role’ in the decision to request FISA orders —were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

They also note that now-declassified footnotes from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s December report investigating the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign “also directly contradicts statements provided by FBI officials in the OIG report.

The footnotes revealed that senior intelligence officials and members of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team knew that Steele’s Trump dossier contained lies that were intended to hurt Trump.

2020_04 19 trump tweet

TDS: President Trump fired off three tweets in which he pushed for the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia whose citizens are angry with infringement of civil liberties by Democrat governors. Left-wing Hollywood stars melted down, calling him “deranged,” “terrifying,” and a “madman.”

2020_04 19 impeach

IMPEACH TRUMP: Second verse, same as first – Earlier this week, President Trump said he wants to pull funding from the WHO while we investigate the U.N. organization’s role in “mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus” during its early stages. Their China-centric attitude slowed the world’s response and cost lives. House Democrats responded predictably.

2020_04 19 God's last word

RELIGIOUS RIGHTS: Some (Democrat) state and local politicians have been using the pandemic as an excuse to target churches. The following incidents and others like them are leading to lawsuits.

Mendocino County, California, leaders have issued restrictions on singing and using wind instruments in online worship services.

In Kansas, the pro-abortion Democrat governor issued an executive order carving out broad exemptions for 26 types of secular activities while simultaneously singling out “churches and other religious services or activities.” Violators will be punished with fines of up to $2,500 and 12 months in jail, regardless of precautions taken to mitigate viral transmission. Meanwhile, Kansas abortion clinics continue to operate without restrictions of any kind.

In Kentucky, police recorded the license plate numbers of those who attended a drive-in service, left notices on their windshields, and warned people to quarantine for 14 days or else face “further enforcement measures.”

In Mississippi, police cited people who were listening to their pastor on their radios with their car windows rolled up. The fine for each violation is $500.

2020_04 19 Master Chief

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Take a page out of this guy’s book. Push back on the Left’s power grabs creatively and peacefully. But push back!

The left hates freedom. The left hates individual liberty. The left hates America. They want us leveled so globalism can be implemented. The USA is the biggest obstacle to globalism. President Trump is the biggest and most effective defender of America. They will never stop attacking him, and using every dirty deed they can scheme up to do it. They will never stop attacking freedom. They will never stop attacking America.” – Karen Steelman

2020_04 19 genesius

GENESIUS TIMES: Satire (in case you couldn’t tell) – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has expanded the stay-at-home order she gave during the coronavirus crackdown. Now Michigan residents who defy her order to social distance and stay-at-home will be crammed into a cattle car and resettled at a crowded FEMA camp for their own good.

2020_04 19 mail in ballot

NEW MEXICO: The New Mexico GOP won an important victory in the state Supreme Court against a scheme by leftists to institute voting by mail. The petitioners’ argument was that the courts should set policy on how elections are conducted.

The court agreed with the GOP that the legislature is supposed to do such things. This precedent deals a massive blow to the Democrat Party’s national agenda to get mail-in voting instituted everywhere.

2020_04 19 teachers

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m so happy for the Texas branch of the Hyphen Clan. Gov. Greg Abbott has announced that Texas state parks will open on April 20, surgery restrictions will be lifted on April 22, and retail will reopen on April 24. Schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year.

2020_04 19 Peers parents

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