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COVID-19 Pandemic Timeline

Timeliness of WHO Cover-up Revealed: [6:50] – The World Health Organization (WHO) is facing a flurry of criticism for its response to the CCP virus pandemic, and much of the problem can be attributed to the growing influence the communist regime in China has on the organization. Beijing’s clout has now gone so far, it undermines WHO’s basic functions, such as providing timely and accurate information about the world’s health situation.

December 31 – China first reports to the WHO that they have a cluster of unusual pneumonia cases in Wuhan. Taiwan begins screening inbound passengers from Wuhan. See April 15 for how effective their early intervention proved to be.

January 2 – The ChiComs actively block publication of information about the Wuhan virus. People who tried to warn people, including doctors, were detained for “spreading rumors.”

January 3 – The ChiComs inform the WHO about 44 cases, 11 of them severe.

January 4 – WHO tweets about “a cluster of pneumonia cases” in Wuhan, noting there have been no deaths and saying investigations into the cause are underway.

January 5 – The WHO issues its first guidance on “pneumonia of unknown cause’ in Wuhan, China, saying the main symptom is listed as fever, with “a few patients having difficulty breathing.” Continue reading

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Spygate Update

Dan Bongino’s interview with investigative reporter John Solomon [40:15].

Solomon’s new site:

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Bits & Bytes

2020_04 18 Carson God

2020_04 18 scam

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