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2020_04 17 truth

2020_04 17 Whitsett

PUT ASIDE PARTISANSHIP: Michigan Democrat State Rep. Karen Whitsett has recovered from COVID-19. She credits hydroxychloroquine and says, “Everyone needs to get behind the president of the United States and the vice president of the United States and we need to simply unite together. …Whatever your party is, that is neither here nor there at this time. Right now we are human beings in the United States of America and we need to unite.”

2020_04 17 aoc

AOC: The View co-host Sunny Hostin encouraged AOC to explain why she thinks the nation’s top medical expert is wrong.

And I’m so sure we should all hang breathlessly on her reply, because certainly her bachelor’s degree in economics and an ability to mix drinks, wash glasses, and count tips makes her totally qualified to sneer at the medical opinions of the current Surgeon General of the United States.

Adams has not one, but two bachelor’s degrees (BA, BS), a master’s degree in Public Health (MPH), and an MD. After completing his internship and residency, he worked in private practice for two years. He then taught his specialty (anesthesiology) at university, then began serving in public health, where he has earned multiple citations and commendations for excellence in public health and humanitarian service.

Sandy … mix me a Bloody Mary and shut the hell up.

DoD vs. the ChiComs: [2:15] – Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says, “We need to do more to press China” about its cover up of coronavirus data.

WHO: [2:02] – On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he is pausing U.S. funding of the WHO, pending an investigation into the way it chose to help the ChiComs cover-up the outbreak rather than provide good leadership to slow the spread.

In other news, hell apparently has frozen over. CNN anchor John King echoed Trump’s criticisms saying, “I’m not going to defend the WHO,” he said, noting that their response “was flat footed. It did overly trust China, the president is right about that.”

LOU DOBBS: [9:10] – White House trade policy director Peter Navarro says the WHO has blood on its hands.

HANNITY: [2:12] – Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley talks about the WHO and other UN agencies that the ChiComs have commandeered for their own benefit.

2020_04 17 Michigan

MICHIGAN: Michigan residents took to the streets in their cars to protest Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s heavy-handed stay-at-home orders. “Operation Gridlock” tied up traffic around the Michigan Capitol in Lansing as protesters in cars filled the streets and honked.

Four of the unhappy Michiganites are suing the governor, saying that the order is unconstitutional. Dan Bongino did a segment about how it’s time we all did whatever lawful things we can to combat the Left’s overreach.

2020_04 17 florida

FLORIDA: Just one day after getting his COVID-19 get-out-of-jail-free card, this Florida man killed someone. The 26-year-old was in Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. He’s now back in jail for murder.

2020_04 17 media

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On Monday night, MSNBC host “Lyin’ Brian” Williams misleadingly hinted that President Trump and Vice President Pence were lying about conditions in New York hospitals.

He began with clips of POTUS and VPOTUS saying at the day’s briefing that everybody who has needed a hospital bed has gotten a hospital bed and that everyone who has needed a ventilator has gotten a ventilator.

Williams pulled a long face and asked New York Times columnist ,Nicholas Kristof, if the VP’s statement, “Our hospitals are not overwhelmed at this hour”, squared with what he had seen when he toured some of the hospitals. Kristof said the hospitals were busy and that some patients had to be transferred to other hospitals.

Trump lies. People dies.” … Or something.

What Trump and Pence said was that the hospitals in our communities have been provided with the equipment they need to handle their patient loads. Transferring some patients isn’t even uncommon. Hospitals do it all the time when they’re dealing with a local emergency and when a patient needs something they can’t provide.

So, instead of easing viewer’s fears by assuring them that they will get the care they need, if they should need it, MSNBC, Williams, and Kristof all chose to inflame fear just so they could take one more swipe at Orange. Man. Bad.

On Tuesday, an MSNBC host Katy Tur “informed” America that “Americans are dying during these briefings. During yesterday’s briefing, between 5:30 and 7:45, there were 93 reported deaths.”

So, now it’s, “Trump talked, people died”? ::eyeroll::

2020_04 17 Pelosi exorcism

CINO PELOSI: Religious freedom is “despicable” – For six years, the Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor have been forced to fight in court to be exempted from an Obamacare contraception mandate that requires employers to pay for sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraception methods, including those that cause early abortions. They are all against Catholic Church teaching.

Recently, Speaker Pelosi joined an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to strike down a Trump administration rule that provides religious and moral exceptions to the contraception mandate.

The Trump administration’s despicable rule allowing private employers and health plans to deny women coverage for contraception is an outrageous attack on women’s health, women’s pocketbooks and women’s independence,” Pelosi said in a statement last week.

2020_04 17 reiner

CELEBRITY TDS: This Hollywood blowhard needs to social distance from Twitter – After a recent Task Force briefing, Rob Reiner tweeted, “There are no words to describe the sickness and ignorance on display in the Rose Garden today. Suffice it to say calling The President of the United States a fucking moron is being kind.

2020_04 17 nerves

For a more advanced math lesson: How many more nerves does Ella’s mom have left before Ella will be on her last one?”

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