Yesterday’s Task Force Briefing

April 14th Briefing Video: [1:07:01]

The numbers continue to improve. Fifteen percent of all U.S. counties have no cases at all; many others have low levels. My area (two counties, I live on the border) has only 134 cases. Tompkins is at .06%; Cortland is at .01%.

We’re doing so well, other nations are looking to us for help. The nations that listened to the World Health Organization’s PC response to travel bans are suffering very high levels of infection.

Trump announced he is halting funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess WHO’s role in mismanaging the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you’re interested in diving more deeply into this issue, follow the links below.

Ten minutes: In other countries, patients had to be triaged; doctors knew that those who were deprived of ventilators would die. Trump talks about what a great job his team did to quickly increase the number of ventilators so that, today, every COVID-19 patient in America who has needed one has had one. They anticipate having as many as 200,000 left over when this crisis ends, so plenty share with other nations and to stockpile for the future.

Fourteen minutes: Report from Adam Boehler about the Trump administration’s public-private ventilator effort. One part involved hospitals signing up to share ventilators with one another based on need. At 18:30, multiple leaders of hospital associations came up to talk about the new, more flexible, innovative solutions to managing our national emergency health stockpile.

22:40: Trump points out that the USA has the highest per capita number of intensive care hospital beds in the world. We have 34.7 per 100,000 people. Italy has 12.5. France has 11.6. Spain has 9.7. UK has 6.6. Proof positive that socialized medicine is not good health care; it’s STINGY health care.

24:50: The FDA has approved the first saliva test that patients can collect themselves.

25:00: We’re going to reopen and we’re going to boom. The administration is seeking input from industry leaders and the state governors about how best to get past this. About 29 states are in such good shape, they may be able to reopen before May 1. Trump talked for a long time, listing the names of people and organizations that have been invited to come help plan for reopening – businesses in a wide range of areas, sports, religious leaders, politicians, and various brainiacs. (See list below at Fox News link.) He also talked about states creating border controls with testing for people trying to move from state to state.

44:00: Trump talked about something Catholics call “subsidiarity” which just means doing things at the lowest, most local level at which that job can be accomplished. “We look forward to watching” the governors and their mayors and business leaders directing the rejuvenation of our economy. The federal government is for back up, not rule.

47:00: Reporter questions started. At 54 minutes, some reporter got really mouthy and Trump said if he didn’t shut up, “I’ll leave and then you can have it out with these other people here.” He also limited them to one question each, which he has never done before and got out of there after an hour for a change.

I think it’s ironic that anti-Trump reporters have sneered at the briefings being tediously long, but the reason they have been is that he’s been allowing 2 and sometimes more questions per reporter and stayed until they ran out of questions, very often prolonging the thing by asking the same questions again and again.

Clearly, he’s fed up with them. He has more patience than I did! Re: the links below … while I was listening, I paused occasionally to get additional information, make sure I spelled names right, etc.

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    You always do such a great job of breaking down these briefings for us. Thanks Chrissy!