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Excerpts from “The 13 revelations showing the FBI never really had a Russia collusion case to begin with” By John Solomon – April 13, 2020.

Last week, Attorney General William Barr declared there was never really a basis to probe Donald Trump’s campaign for alleged collusion with Russia.

I think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history,” Barr told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

Without any basis they started this investigation of his campaign, and even more concerning, actually is what happened after the campaign, a whole pattern of events while he was president. to sabotage the presidency, and I think that – or at least have the effect of sabotaging the presidency,” the attorney general said.

After countless open record lawsuits, congressional investigations, sworn depositions and declassifications, there is now compelling evidence that the FBI did not have justification to sustain its nearly three year-long, now debunked, Russia collusion probe or to support Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants targeting the Trump campaign.

Furthermore, the evidence shows, the false narrative was sustained by repeated leaks of information to the news media that was blatantly false, debunked in many instances by evidence sitting in the FBI’s own files.

Here are 13 of the most important revelations.

  1. The FBI’s Steele file warned he might be the victim of Russian disinformation, plus the FBI was specifically warned that Steele’s dossier contained false information.
  2. The FBI was warned that Steele hated Trump and that his information was likely uncorroborated.
  3. The FBI was warned that Steele’s work was connected to the Clinton campaign. In fact, it was was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the Democratic Party through Fusion GPS.
  4. In October 2016, Steele told a State Department official in October 2016, ten days before the FISA warrants were first secured, that he had an election day deadline for leaking the dossier dirt and that he had leaked to the news media.
  5. Also in October 2016, Steele was caught peddling a false internet rumor about Trump and Putin. The rumor was dismissed by the FBI as false.
  6. Steele was fired Nov. 1, 2016 for violating his confidential human source agreement by leaking to the news media.
  7. Before the FISA warrants were granted, Steele’s information was proven to be false and inaccurate.
  8. The FBI swore to the FISA court that Steele’s information, which they KNEW was bogus, had been corroborated.
  9. In January 2017, the FBI interviewed Steele’s primary sub-source in January 2017. He told them that much of the information attributed to him was inaccurate, exaggerated or rumor.
  10. The FBI possessed statements of innocence from Page collected by an undercover informer in August and October 2016. These statements undercut two primary allegations made to justify the FISA warrants; the FBI hid the information when seeking the warrants.
  11. The FBI altered a document to hide from the FISA court that the CIA had told them that Carter Page was their own asset, not a stooge for the Russian government.
  12. The FBI also possessed and hid exculpatory statements made by Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.
  13. The FBI concluded in January 2017 that Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn was not being deceptive in his interviews with agents and likely suffered from a faulty memory and was not operating as an agent for Russia. Then, they ruined his life.

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