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2020_04 13 defeated death

2020_04 15 hydroxy

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: Medical professionals battling the pandemic are increasingly reporting benefits from the drug, saying they’re prescribing it for themselves, for patients, and for frontline personnel.

In one of their more egregious pandemic reporting, the media persistently pooh-poohed the drug, simply because Trump was praising its potential.

Meanwhile, South Dakota’s Republican governor, Kristi Noem, has launched a state-wide trial to formally test the drug’s effectiveness against COVID-19. Noem said that she has been in cooperation with the federal government in preparation for the trial.

“I made direct requests to President Trump and Vice President Pence to supply us with enough hydroxychloroquine so that it could be made available for every hospitalized person the state may have, as well as those for health care workers on the frontlines and those in the most vulnerable populations.”

2020_04 15 Isolation note

A BRIDGE TOO FAR: Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has abused her authority by ordering a ban on boating, selling a whole host of items she deems “nonessential”, and worse of all, visits to other residences for any reason.

I don’t know where the note appeared, but best guess, it was Michigan where the Democratic governor has legitimized bullying people for protecting the most vulnerable among us. (BTW, I wrote the part about Afghanistan.)

Michigan residents seem to have had enough of the governor, even though she won her 2018 election by almost ten points. An online petition calling for the recall and removal of Governor Whitmer has received over 150,000 signatures as of Monday morning.

INFRINGING ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES: Worth watching [4:23] – “It’s got crap diddly to do with a virus.”

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: [1:32] – Instead of trying to nitpick imaginary flaws in Trump’s handling of the pandemic, the media should be going after the World Health Organization.

According to Sen. Rick Scott, “Amid the coronavirus pandemic and Communist China’s New Cold War with the United States, the World Health Organization (WHO) has served as a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party. …

“American taxpayers are the largest contributor to the WHO budget. There needs to be accountability for their failures and their willingness to help China hide the coronavirus from the world.

CHICOMS: [2:34] – The ChiComs are now requiring all research papers on COVID-19 be reviewed by the government’s Education Ministry before they can be submitted to journals. This directive was supposed to remain quiet, but was published online by at least two Chinese universities.

Also, the idea that COVID-19 originated in a research lab in Wuhan, China, not in a nearby wet market, has gained traction in academia, the media, and at least one  government.

To be clear, they are not saying it was being developed into a bio-weapon or that it was intentionally released. The theory is about the possibility of an accidental leak from a lab that is known to have been doing research into SARS type viruses that live in bats. COVID-19 is also known as SARS-CoV-2.

BILL MAHER: [5:28] – I saw this comment on the internet, “Hell must have frozen over because I just listened to Bill Maher talk for five minutes and agreed with everything he said.” LOL

Strange, but also true of me … though I really wish he had left the name of my Lord out of it.

2020_04 NY Times Biden

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The New York Times has admitted that Joe Biden’s campaign influenced the newspaper’s decision to edit out allegations of sexual misconduct from a story published over the weekend.

Originally, they claimed they did it because it containedsome imprecise language.

Original report:We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.”

Readers pointed out that unwanted hugs, kisses and touching are the very definition of sexual misconduct.

The report now reads: We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden.

MICHAEL RAPPAPORT: This washed up C-lister’s TDS has really unhinged him.

Newsbusters reports that the once-popular 90s actor tweeted an image of Mr. and Mrs. Trump on Holy Saturday that he captioned, “Just a reminder, a hooker and a con man are running America.”

He followed this bit of left-wing tolerance and holiday good will by responding to the president’s Easter greetings by calling him a “dumb f–k” and a “fake conservative c–ksucker.”

MEAN TWEETS: If you can’t say something nice, say it on Twitter. [3:03] – Some of the tweets are really vile. Others are just pathetic. However, the comments by the targets are amusing, so go ahead and watch this.

GRAMMY NOTES: [4:52] – Wow … this whole thing is me. Every. Single. Thing.

I have known for some time that I’m an introvert; even though I am very talkative when I’m with people, I need to be alone a lot. Dearest, by contrast, is much quieter than I am, but he needs to be with people regularly.

But, until I saw this video, I didn’t know that all these other things that are true of me are also characteristics of introverts.

2020_04 15 Cinco virus


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  1. Back in the day, it was a contest who was lower on the social status scale, prostitutes or actors. For good reason. It’s still so for some of us. So this gross Rapaport person speaks from experience about hooking.

    I didn’t recognize the name, so I looked him up on IMDb.

    A respectable 115 acting credits, movies and tv. Nothing I’ve ever seen (appearances in a couple of tv shows we used to watch, but long after we quit watching them). That’s not unusual, I guess; we’re pretty choosy on our show watching.

    His bio calls him a “true New Yorker through and through [uhhmm] …born in Manhattan, to… a radio personality, and …a radio program manager. …moved to Los Angeles to try stand-up comedy following high school graduation (which came after a series of expulsions)…

    So, lousy at school, never held a real job, even his parents never held a real job. ‘Acting’ all his life. As with other air-headed script-readers like Milano, the answer to the question, “Why should anyone give a flying flip about anything this person says?” would be: no good reason, none at all, sorry I wasted the brainpower to even acknowledge their existence.

    The poor woman who had Gladys Kravitz leave a note on her door should be the one to notify the police. “Scour my neighbors and find out which one threatened me in this pretty handwriting!” Just as horrible as those fiends who scream at handicapped-parking folks whose handicaps aren’t obvious.

    Governors, city councilors, nosy neighbors, I tell you, everybody should be keeping a list, because there shall come a reckoning!

    I hope JJ Sefton won’t mind if I steal feature his art from today’s Morning Report on Ace of Spades. Thought the garden dwellers might appreciate it.

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  2. Did you catch CNN’s Cryon (whatever the scrawls are called nowadays) fest at Trump’s expense?

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  3. Introverts, being still and knowing the Lord and knowing the things the Lord loves. Because the Word tells us and witnesses to who He and the Father are, pretty sure they are introverts too – while still being the Life of the party!

    Also, can’t come to the Father except through the Son (unexpected visitors).


    Thanks again, dear friend!

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