Yesterday’s Task Force Briefing

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My briefing notes below might have been more interesting and funny if I had taken a shot every time a reporter asked a ridiculous or repetitive question. Sadly for all y’all, I don’t drink. Or maybe not, cuz as I write this particular paragraph, I’ve still got an hour to go and I’m pretty sure I’d be on the floor by now if I had tried it LOL.

TASK FORCE BRIEFING of APRIL 13: [2:23:41]This was an unusually long one, maybe because they took Easter off. I’m glad they did. They’ve been working long hours for weeks on end. They needed a break.

Good news! The curve is flattening around the country, clear evidence that we’re all working at mitigation and that mitigation works. Bad news! Parts of the country suffered terrible tornadoes.

FYI – I am not reading, watching, or reporting on any of the anti-Fauci stuff. My mental health is precarious (I’m battling depression) and I just really need to keep on believing that God put Donald Trump in charge of this and he’s going to make the best decisions.

I looked Dr. Fauci up on Wikipedia and noted that he has held the position of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. I was not able to discern exactly how that position is filled, but saw that it is in the Department of Health and Human Services. The current Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, was appointed by President Trump in January 2018. I therefore must assumed that if any of the 1984-to-present presidents had wanted Tony Fauci gone, he would be gone.

My best guess is that the man simply does his job and does it well enough that POTUSes as different as Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, and Trump have all been satisfied with him. So far, I’ve been content with Fauci’s statements at the Task Force briefings. In the 4/13 one above, he responds to some of the snark from 2:38 to 7:50. I especially like the last question and response.

In short, if The Donald trusts Tony Fauci, I’m fine with him. And if he should decide that Fauci needs to go, he’s very capable of saying, “You’re fired.” For now, Trump is saying unequivocally, “I like him.”

After Dr. Fauci stepped aside, POTUS presented these dates to the Fake News who apparently have short memories and zero googling skills:

  • Jan 6: CDC issued a travel notice for Wuhan, China.
  • Jan 11: We have zero cases here; the CDC boosted its travel notice to a higher level.
  • Jan 17: CDC began doing entry screenings at airports; zero cases found in USA.
  • Jan 21: The first case of the Wuhan Virus is found in Washington state.

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  • Jan 31: Seven cases have been identified; nobody has died. President Trump orders ban on foreigners who have been in China recently. The NYT quotes epidemiologist saying the ban was “an emotional or political reaction.
  • Feb 1ff: Leading Democrats pile on, calling Trump a RAAACIST for the travel ban. For six weeks, Democrats continued to pooh-pooh the virus and actually encourage people to go to crowded places. NOW that the virus has proven to be a global scourge and 180+ countries are all shut down trying to mitigate the spread, Democrats are trying to tell us that President Trump has blood on his hands, because he waited too long to do anything.

15 minutes: When Trump got done doing their jobs for them, he forced the reporters in the room to sit through a reality check video that’s been causing a lot of buzz on the internet.

Afterwards, he does some more fact checking about all that the feds, the military, FEMA, etc. have done to help the states and how little the Left Stream Media has done to acknowledge and thank all the great Americans who have done such a great job.

The very first reporter’s question asked “Who made that video … it was like a campaign ad?” As soon as he answered that White House staff made the video, the reporter shot back, “So you used government staff to put together a campaign ad?” 

I fully expect this to be the non-stop, Democrat, Slime Stream rant. Their TDS is so severe that they seriously, truly, honestly can not listen to anything without hearing Orange. Man. Bad.

At 32:00, some reporter tries to go back and undo all the messaging from the previous half hour. I’m thinking about their favorite president’s response to the Swine Flu. Long after there were thousands of cases and deaths, Obama was saying nobody should change their behaviors to avoid catching that virus. But Trump has blood on his hands, because he didn’t close down the economy when there were no cases and no deaths.

That reporter then goes on a RANT (36:00) about how he didn’t do enough when there was an “unprecedented crisis.” I’m sorry, was there someone out there with a crystal ball? China was lying about the severity of the problem! Democrats and the media were all saying it was less contagious and less lethal than the seasonal flu. NOW they say Trump should’ve … what … I don’t even know.

EVERYBODY who has needed a ventilator or a hospital bed has gotten one. That has not been true in countries with socialized medicine. In Italy, a 72-year-old priest told the doctors to give his ventilator to someone younger; Fr. Giuseppe Berardelli passed away around March 16 at a hospital in Lovere, Italy.  Here, we’ve had two World War II veterans who have survived the virus; one is 95, the other 104-years-old.

A lot of treatments are being successfully used, including hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

Virus aid money is on its way into our bank accounts, ahead of schedule. They expect over 80 million will get direct deposit money by Wednesday. Social Security recipients should get the money without doing anything extra. If you don’t get it by Wednesday, go to and follow the directions. They prefer to squirt the money directly into your account, rather than cut and mail a check.

The Payroll Protection Program and small business loans are both tremendously successful; the latter needs more money, but Democrats are stalling in hopes of screwing more pork out of future tax payers for themselves and their cronies. They disgust me. This isn’t free money. It’s borrowed. Our debt is skyrocketing and it’s gotta get paid back. But like pick pockets everywhere, they don’t give a crap who they hurt, just so long as they get what they want.

Trump’s new economic advice committees are working on a plan to reopen the economy, so we can begin to return to normal life. He’ll be presenting details in future briefings.

We helped the oil producing nations come to an agreement about cutting output to stabilize the current glut on the market. Trump praised the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Mexico for their willingness to compromise for the good of the whole planet.

At 52 minutes, POTUS praises all the great work and courage of the American people to fight off this scourge.

ARGH … the number of times these idiot reporters keep trying to get Trump or somebody on the Task Force to say something definitive about when and how we’ll re-open. He’s said again and again and again that we have to see how things go, respond to circumstances, wait and watch. Sheesh. I think they must be wanting to get somebody to say, “Yes, we’ll re-open on May 1,” or something so they can later use the clip to criticize him for it.

2020_04 13 trump tweet

I smell another Slime meme coming. Trump said that, in this area, the president has total authority. They’re saying already and will no doubt continue shrieking that he thinks he’s a dictator or a king! Oh Noes. He said IN THIS AREA. This is the first time in our history that all 50 states and all of our territories have declared emergencies.

IN THIS AREA means that POTUS already has the authority to act as he sees fit to guide us through THIS crisis. If I was a betting person, I’d wager big money that the slimers will leave that out as they rant and shriek that Trump is Literally Hitler.

Last week, they complained that he was “fetishizing the constitution” by refusing to impose his will on all the states, because the governors are supposed to lead during disasters. I saw that somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.

Somebody asked about the Michigan governor’s order to ban the sale of designated “non-essential” goods. Trump said it’s extreme, but he doesn’t think it’s going to last long.

1 hr, 18 min – LOL Some ditz yammered on about “Why are there no consequences for what China did?

Trump said, “How do you know there are no consequences? China will know. You’ll be the last person to know.”

Lab tests are available, but are being underutilized by states. They’re working on improving that.

Two problems mentioned include a lack of cartridges (Abbot Labs is making 50,000 a day) and the machines (some states own them and don’t know it).

1 hr, 50 min – Dr. Birx does her thing with graphs. The rate of new cases in some of the metropolitan areas is decreasing.

Our death rates are much, much lower than in other countries, something we should all remember whenever Bernie, AOC, et al. try to say we would have been better off if we had nationalized health care. It’s not just sort of not true. It’s abundantly clear that it’s absolutely not true.

Her team is calling every single lab in every single state to find out what they are doing or could do with regard to testing. The small, rapid test machines are just one part of the picture.

There are also what she calls “large throughput machines” that can do huge numbers of tests at one time.

Nursing homes are a particularly vulnerable area that needs more aggressive testing, especially given that we now know that asymptomatic, contagion carriers exist.

Dr. Birx called on HIV workers to help communicate to local communities about the different types of tests, because they’re very similar to what they’ve been doing to control the HIV epidemic.

2 hrs – VP Pence made a very touching statement about the personal cost of the more than 22,000 who have died of this disease, but to keep in mind of how many of our people are not dead or grieving because of how well we’ve been doing with everything.

2 hrs, 3 min – Dr. Fauci talked a bit about the health side of the re-opening. It’s not going to be like a light switch, which turns everything on at once. He mentioned a “rolling re-entry” because there’s no “one size fits all” solution to restoring the economy.

2 hrs, 5 min – Admiral somebody talked about supplies, what they have and where they’ve sent them.

2 hrs, 12 min – SIGH … more gotcha questions, aimed at getting sound bites they can use against Orange. Man. Bad. The admiral declined to answer, because he wasn’t on the Task Force until March 20.

Dr. Fauci keeps saying he gives the president his best advice about the health side of things and the president always listens. These are not what they want to hear, so now they’re asking him to name “mistakes that were made.” Thankfully, Fauci just won’t play their game. It’s so hard not to hate these vile individuals and the whole anti-Trump machine they represent.

2 hrs, 17 min – VP Pence stressed that what President Trump wants (Trump left a while ago) is not just to open, but to make sure we can stay open. That is going to require massive amounts of testing, so they’re putting a lot of effort into that.

On a personal note, I made my daily visit to My area has had about 145 cases. New ones happen, but the rate is very low, which is encouraging.

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