Don’t Fall for the Trap Coming


THE DAN BONGINO SHOW: Ep. 1226 Don’t Fall For The Trap Coming [1:00:23] – The first 40 minutes of this are about how Obama’s CIA director made up a load of crap about Donald Trump, attributed it to real Russians, then laundered it through a former British spy named Christopher Steele.

IOW, Spygate was not a Russian disinformation ploy that our intelligence agencies fell for. It was a planned, political hit job from start to finish.

Show notes (links to articles):


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5 responses to “Don’t Fall for the Trap Coming

  1. <whisper> Chrissy’s post has no title. Should we tell her, or wait to see how long it takes her to figure it out?</whisper>

    I am not watching any of the President’s meetings, so I really appreciate your reports on them, like the previous post.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I heard that! (And I appreciate it. Gonna go fix it unless Bob beat me to it.) I should’ve realized because the URL was a number, but I was in a rush to get my puter shut down so we could EAT. 🙂


  2. Pistol Pete

    You need to watch a video of Monday’s smackdown. He treated the press like a herd of rented government mules.

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