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Don’t Fall for the Trap Coming


THE DAN BONGINO SHOW: Ep. 1226 Don’t Fall For The Trap Coming [1:00:23] – The first 40 minutes of this are about how Obama’s CIA director made up a load of crap about Donald Trump, attributed it to real Russians, then laundered it through a former British spy named Christopher Steele.

IOW, Spygate was not a Russian disinformation ploy that our intelligence agencies fell for. It was a planned, political hit job from start to finish.

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Yesterday’s Task Force Briefing

2020_04 13 graph

My briefing notes below might have been more interesting and funny if I had taken a shot every time a reporter asked a ridiculous or repetitive question. Sadly for all y’all, I don’t drink. Or maybe not, cuz as I write this particular paragraph, I’ve still got an hour to go and I’m pretty sure I’d be on the floor by now if I had tried it LOL.

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