Hallelujah! He is Risen!

2020_04 12 Churches on Easter

Easter resides where Christ is present – in our hearts and in our homes, Alleluia!

Easter has gone nowhere.  The family is the domestic church.  As such, the Church is ALIVE because of your families who rise on Easter day purposefully present in the joy of the Resurrection.

This Easter is screaming of the desires of the sons and daughters of God to feel the union of communion in the Eucharist.  Do not let the desire grow dormant, let it grow and keep it in your heart.

Each online mass you attend is REAL.  Each spiritual communion you make is REAL.  Each examination of conscience and act of contrition is REAL.

The day is coming when the social distancing will bring us to the altar with such a THIRST for Christ that it will be tangible as in no other time of our lives.  I look, with great joyful anticipation the celebration of the mass with this renewed spirit of the Church.  I have already made a note to bring Kleenexes for the tears of joy!

Keep Smiling, Melissa


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5 responses to “Hallelujah! He is Risen!

  1. He is risen indeed!

    OH what a day it was that resurrection morning!

    One bit that always especially intrigued me — the risen Jesus breaking bread with two brothers. Jesus, unasked, cured a blind guy who got dragged into court to testify for his healer. Here’s this seemingly random pair, whose “fifteen minutes of fame” is recorded for all history — heralds of the resurrection. That was just so… Jesus.


    • red

      I have one atheist claiming no one knew where Jesus was entombed, and another who claims he went in a mass grave. I ask them if they always stick with 19th century outdated atheist delusions. NO HISTORIAN DOUBTS JESUS LIVED AND HOW HE DIED. THE GOSPELS ARE CONSIDERED ACCURATE BY EVEN ATHEIST HISTORIANS.

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel is a very readable account of the historical evidence for the Resurrection.


        • red

          that’s the last thing they want and will not listen. Science knocks them for a loop. They can’t get over that atheism is dying out among scientists. “Hey, atheists, get out of that 19th century flat earth outdated delusion!”

          They go to YEC channels to troll and leave reeling 🙂 I do owe a thanks to atheists. Were it not for the obnoxious ones, I would never have paid attention to YEC. Be blessed!

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