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Hallelujah! He is Risen!

2020_04 12 Churches on Easter

Easter resides where Christ is present – in our hearts and in our homes, Alleluia!

Easter has gone nowhere.  The family is the domestic church.  As such, the Church is ALIVE because of your families who rise on Easter day purposefully present in the joy of the Resurrection.

This Easter is screaming of the desires of the sons and daughters of God to feel the union of communion in the Eucharist.  Do not let the desire grow dormant, let it grow and keep it in your heart.

Each online mass you attend is REAL.  Each spiritual communion you make is REAL.  Each examination of conscience and act of contrition is REAL.

The day is coming when the social distancing will bring us to the altar with such a THIRST for Christ that it will be tangible as in no other time of our lives.  I look, with great joyful anticipation the celebration of the mass with this renewed spirit of the Church.  I have already made a note to bring Kleenexes for the tears of joy!

Keep Smiling, Melissa


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Bits & Bytes

2020_04 11 Stop drop and roll Continue reading


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April 11 Virus Update

2020_04 11 cases deaths

2020_04 11 graph2020_04 11 symptoms


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Corona Crazy: The 12 Most Insulting Attacks on Trump of the Week

2020_04 11 media february

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, the media continue to sink lower in their vile attacks on Donald Trump and conservatives.

1. “The cocktail of all his [Donald Trump] worst qualities is mendaciousness, his constant telling of lies, his narcissism, his lack of empathy for people in general, his obsession with money, classes, etcetera, has led to disaster, has led to delay….History will prove this — this will be something that’s paid in human lives and that’s an enormous tragedy.” – New Yorker editor David Remnick on CNN’s Reliable Sources, March 29. Continue reading


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