It’s a Wonderful Pandemic

2020_04 10 It's a wonderful pandemic

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4 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Pandemic

  1. Hahaha. Didn’t get back here yesterday, so only just now saw this. Fun surprise. I’m honored. Is it vanity to “☆Like” a post that’s my own webwork?

    The toilet paper run makes me sad because, apparently, they’ve already cut down all the trees. Naked Amazonian desert, the Northwest forests now prairies. Logging trucks rusting idly. Paper mills shuttered.

    This explains the decreasing availability of print newspapers as well, I suppose. 😉

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  2. Oh, and chrissy, I wanted to thank you for your attention to the color of the apocalyptic horsemen’s steeds a little while back. I made sure to use a white horse for Horsey of the Apocalypse.

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