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2020_04 10 Good Friday

GOOD FRIDAY: From my new friend Melissa – “Memorialize the solemnity of Good Friday at the foot of the cross.  Kiss a cross today to thank Jesus for the gift of eternal life through his unimaginable trial, suffering, and death.  Then, harness the joy of knowing well what the disciples of his day did not understand in their day. He rose from the grave and conquered death!”

PRAYERS FOR POTUS: Can you imagine the weight Donald Trump must be feeling right now? I know my anxiety is through the roof, and I feel inadequate to fully understand the magnitude of what’s going on here with this virus.

I know when Trump signed up for this role, without pay, he was willing to take on whatever; but the magnitude of what we’re experiencing right now must be paralyzing. I wonder how he is dealing with it all. When his head finally hits the pillow at night, does he cry? Does he scream? Is he scared? Is he confused? Is he at a loss? Is he even able to sleep? Can he shut his mind off? Or does he just lie there and talk to God through another sleepless night?

Ask God to lift President Trump up in wisdom and give him proper guidance in this pivotal moment. He needs it. We need it. He’s carrying the weight of our world on his shoulders. So, pray that our President is guided to do what is best for America and its people.

[CtH: I saw this on Facebook.]

VIRUS UPDATE: [:55]The predicted death total for the U.S. has gone from 240,000 (with no mitigation) to about 60,000 (if we keep it up).

I’m seeing stuff about how the models were wrong. I don’t get that at all. The Task Force was very clear that (1) the high number was based on us doing zero mitigation and (2) the much lower number is based on how great we’ve been doing about staying at home, etc.

2020_04 07 journalism

Nothing much else is different. We’re all still on lock down. Democrats are still trying to use the crisis to get more spending on non-virus issues. The media is still doing us no favors.

I’m still exhausted, in a lot of pain, and battling depression. But my chiropractor is hopefully going to make a house call soon and that helps a lot, as does taking time out from bad news. Plus, I have a great deal of confidence in President Trump’s ability to steer us out of this artificially induced, global recession.

Also, I’m thinking this disease is going to be no biggie next flu season. They’ll have a vaccine available by then. My doctor said coronavirus antibodies generally do not last long, so we’ll need to either get an annual shot or else take our chances.

But even if you can’t or won’t get the vaccine, we already have a 5-minute, point-of-care test to get a rapid diagnosis and numerous treatments being tried out. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc appear to be both effective and cheap.

DIY HEPA MASK: [14:55]HEPA filtration material and the duck-bill style make a mask that as good or better than the N95 mask.

2020_04 10 tucker

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On Tuesday’s “LevinTV,” host Mark Levin blasted CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for saying President Donald Trump should not “continue to promote” hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus because he isn’t a “real doctor.”

“You know, you’re a real A-hole, Wolf. We know the president of the United States isn’t a ‘real doctor,’ just like we know you’re not a real journalist,” Mark said. “But there are real doctors who are recommending this [hydroxychloroquine]. It really is outrageous. He [Blitzer] has become very vicious. I would ask him and all of CNN and MSNBC and all the rest of them: If you get this coronavirus, will you now commit to us that you will not take this drug?”

2020_04 10 coronials quaranteens

GRAMMY NOTES: Got a lovely note from Mama Buzz – “I saw you’re taking some time off from work (at least all the virus and political news). Good call!  You have taken on a lot so the rest of us can tune out and just get the highlights from you to stay caught up.  Thank you for that!  But also thank you for taking a break to soothe your soul. Focus on Easter and only allow yourself to look at positive things on the internet. God will tell you when to get back to the trenches!  I love you!!!!!

2020_04 10 van gogh crap

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