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SPARE ME: As the Trump administration has been working feverishly (if at times misguidedly, in my opinion) to deal with the Wuhan virus” – John Hinderaker

The only thing that is annoying me more than Democrats trying to use this crisis to hurt Trump is armchair managers like John Hinderaker who presume to roll their eyes and curl their lips at the decisions that have been made by people who have been working in the trenches, day and night, to get us all through this.

And that includes people who produce and circulate video clips of Task Force members saying stuff that is out of date, hoping to promote doubt and disgust among us for anyone who is working for Bad. Man. Orange.

Day after day, the White House Coronavirus Task Force has been giving us the best information they have had at the time. But that information changes as the virus spreads and more data rolls in.

It reminds me of a segment of a Tom Clancy novel where an armchair pundit actually gets the opportunity to work in the trenches on a really hard job where real lives are at risk … and discovers it is not so easy to make world-changing decisions on the fly with partial information and no crystal ball.

NOBODY has ever been more transparent than this administration in this crisis. EVERY DAMN DAY (including Saturdays and Sundays) they’re up there for an hour or an hour and a half or even sometimes two hours, standing, talking, and answering question after question.

We need HOPE and COURAGE in these difficult days, not naysayers sowing doubt and fear. If you want to comment on anything, watch TODAY’S Task Force briefing, whatever today happens to be. Or read my crib notes of it, because I watch them for all y’all.

4/5 TASK FORCE BRIEFING: [1:27:54] President Trump asked us all to pray in a special way this Holy Week.

182 (of 195) countries now have the infection. One hopeful sign is that, after four weeks of mitigation, the number of new cases in Italy and Spain is down.

The peak is still to come for the USA, but the State of Washington, our first hot spot, is doing better and has returned 400 ventilators to the federal stockpile. Oregon has sent 140 ventilators to New York City. The rate of new cases in New York City has also dropped, which may indicate they have gotten past their peak. Long Island has become a new hot spot. Thankfully, I live upstate on the border of two counties that have about 100 cases total.

President Trump said the American people are doing a better job at mitigation than he thought possible. If we keep it up, we will also see our infection and death rates peak and come down.

Thirty-eight of our states have fewer than 50 cases per 100,000 population. They are testing and having less than 5% coming back positive.

Supplies and military personnel are being deployed where they are most needed. In the last seven days, FEMA has delivered millions of gloves, masks, and gowns, plus hundreds of ventilators, all being delivered directly to hospitals. We’ve also bought 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine and are continuing to build emergency field hospitals, and VA hospitals are opening up beds to civilian care.

A rapid, point-of-care test by Abbott Laboratories has been approved and thousands are being produced every day and distributed to every part of the USA. With a drop of blood, the test gives a result in 15 minutes or less. One important place these tests are being used is to test first responders who have been side-lined following exposure to COVID-19. All the ones who test negative are able to get back to work.

Eleven companies are building ventilators. The national stockpile has 10,000 that FEMA and the military are staging to rapidly deploy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital for having “persistent” symptoms since testing positive 10 days ago.

Oil is at rock bottom prices, so Trump is refilling our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Obama drew down the Reserve to artificially bring down gas prices at the pump while he was running for his second term, but then after he won, he never replaced what he took.

After all the actual information was presented, the usual, idiotic reporters got on their Get Trump hobby horses. Today’s version was, “How DARE you talk up hydroxychloroquine! You’re not a doctor!” Trump’s answer (again and again), “People are dying right now. This drug doesn’t kill people. The FDA has approved it for the virus. What have we got to lose?! I’m not a doctor. I say that. I’m not prescribing it to anyone. But I want people to try it, because it is saving lives and I want to save lives. And only CNN would ask that question.” Indeed.

Another thing they kept harping on was, “Why aren’t any of you wearing masks?” Seriously? These people are tested regularly. Does anyone believe the Secret Service isn’t being hyper-vigilant about making sure nobody gets near POTUS who might be a danger to him? Sheesh. Dr. Fauci also pointed out that the main benefit of a mask is to protect other people from the mask-wearer’s germs. They’ve all been tested negative. Now, can we ask the reporters, “Why aren’t any of YOU wearing masks?!”

At 1:27:00, Trump was fed up with the last stupid gotcha question from the Associated Press, then said enough is enough and left. I just can’t help but wonder when these turds are going to wake up and smell the transparency. Barack Obama didn’t have 90 minute briefings daily. He never answered every single reporter’s question. And he sure as shootin’ wasn’t gracious about anybody who had ever said an unkind word about him.

Donald Trump is a good man and a GREAT PRESIDENT.

2020_04 06 It took pandemic

TRUMP ECONOMY: We’re going to bounce back. But for now, we need to continue to Shelter In Place and do whatever we can to help those in the hardest hit industries.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Warning to pet ownersThe disease can pass from humans to animals. Seven tigers and a lion at the Bronz Zoo began showing signs of coronavirus in late March. They tested one; it was positive. The Department of Agriculture believes they caught it from a zoo employee. Also, a dog in Hong Kong and a cat in Belgium have both tested positive. So far, the virus does not appear to pass from animals to humans.

2020_04 06 de blasio

De BLASIO: It would be a massive understatement to say that New York City’s mayor has done a poor job with this crisis.

In late January and early February, he claimed one could only catch the coronavirus through “prolonged exposure” to someone infected, not from “a single contact.” Wrong.

During February, he told people go about their lives. While President Trump was encouraging school closures, social distancing, etc., Mayor de Blasio told New Yorkers to go where they pleased. “If you’re not sick, you should be going about your life.” He was still doing that as late as March 11 and didn’t close the schools until March 15 … despite the CDC telling us that people with no symptoms were infected and contagious.

Now, after making the inevitable infection and death rate in New York EXPLODE because of his appallingly bad leadership, Mayo de Blasio has the unmitigated gall to complain that the White House and the Pentagon aren’t sending him every single thing he wants.

Never mind that the Army Corps of Engineers built a 1,000-bed hospital in a matter of days or that one of only two Navy hospital ships is parked in New York’s harbor.

He’s such an a**hole, even took time to sneer at the evangelical Christian charity that set up a desperately needed field hospital in Central Park.

It would be so much easier if Jesus hadn’t told us to love our enemies.

2020_04 06 NY slime

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Fake news The über-biased, far-left New York Times manufactured a wildly misleading map to “prove” that Southerners are idiots.

They used cell phone data to show who is still driving more than two miles, then concluded that all the people in the red areas are spreading the virus.

I guess an idiot who lives in New York City might not realize this, but those red places are where people are not living in urban canyons.

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  1. I didn’t follow through to read the WashExam article, but I had read ‘somewhere’ that the infected tigers story was fake. (When I first heard about it, there was just one infected tiger. Now seven?) Can’t imagine a major paper falling for a scary hoax, though. 🙄

    “It would be so much easier if Jesus hadn’t told us to love our enemies.”

    Among other commands. It’s almost as if the divine nature needs to be coaxed out of the human nature rather than perfect attitudes just blossoming. And by coaxed I mean sometimes smacked upside the haid with a 2×4 if necessary.

    I see that my county, in fact our whole area, is in the red “South” part of Barbaro’s silly map. I think I’ll hop in the pick’m’up, and drive the two miles down the road to warn the neighbors.