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2020_04 03 wake up

DEMOCRAT LIES: The videos above from Feb. 11, 2020 (Tom Cotton 8:07), March 31, 2020 (Paul Joseph Watson 9:29), and April 2, 2020 (Nancy Pelosi :39) are well worth watching.

The corruptocrats running the Democratic Party, the House of Representatives, and a majority of the media would like us to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic only got as bad as it is because Donald Trump failed to act early enough. This week they mocked the idea that their doomed-from-the-start impeachment effort distracted the government from fighting coronavirus. But it totally did.

President Trump:

      1. Formed the Coronavirus Task Force on Jan. 27,
      2. Chaired its meeting on Jan. 29,
      3. Banned travel with China on Jan. 31, and
      4. Told Congress about the virus in his State of the Union on Feb. 4.


      1. Did not hold any hearings about the virus until after Trump was acquitted by the Senate on Feb. 5.

There was one exception. Senator Tom Cotton (AR-R), who rightly called the impeachment a “sham” and said the coronavirus was “the biggest and the most important story in the world.” The former Army Ranger and war veteran skipped hours of the silly Senate show trial to meet with President Trump and members of his administration about the Chinese Coronavirus.

In late February, Sen. Cotton said that every conversation he had had with President Donald Trump since January had involved the pandemic. “I can tell you the president is very much on top of the threat that we face from coronavirus,” he said. “In fact, probably every conversation I’ve had with him for the last month has involved, at least in part, coronavirus.”

2020_04 03 another lie

DEMOCRAT LIES: Back in 2001 and 2002, we went through an anthrax scare and then Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic. Following these crises, the Bush administration put together a Strategic National Stockpile to store essential medical supplies and equipment that health care professionals would need in the event of another terrorist or biological crisis.

During the 2009 and 2010 Swine Flu epidemic, most of the masks in the stockpile were distributed. But they were never replaced. Somehow, the people who set up the stockpile under Republican President Bush felt the masks were important, while the people who managed it under Democrat President Obama did not. Now Democrats are trying to blame Republican President Trump for the mask shortage.

CHICOM LIES: This pandemic is the fault of the communist leadership in CCP [10:02] The man who made this video has lived in China for 10 years and speaks fluent Chinese. He makes a powerful case using public records that the COVID-19 virus originated in a lab, not in the market a quarter of a mile away, and that the CCP knew it and tried/is still trying to cover it all up.

2020_04 03 FB ban

I tried to share this YouTube with someone on my Facebook timeline, but the Facebook cops squashed it on “violates our Community Standards” grounds. All it does expose the CCP’s culpability! Sheesh.

Seriously … this should make you want to watch it even more. I was able to share it by spoofing the filters with this: It’s called “I found the source of the c———-” I was able to see it at 11 pm on April 2.

I hope it doesn’t get banned from YouTube too.

Funny thing … I found an October 2019 article saying Zuckerberg (owner of FB) criticized the Chinese for censorship, but now he’s censoring material critical of the very same regime that brought us this world-wide pandemic! What a phony.

Crowder video: “Crowder RANT on The Press, China, and Culture“ (2:32)Also, three U.S. officials who asked to be anonymous say that China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease. Nooooooooooooooooo. Really?!?!

ONE AMERICA NEWS: The World Health Organization and their ties to Communist China [4:09].

2020_04 03 Newsom Tapper

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The Slime Stream Media just can’t deal with the fact that Donald J. Trump is the right man in the right place at the right time.

A while back, President Trump talked about how demand for masks at one New York City hospital had gone from 20,000 per week to 300,000 per week. He suggested they might be going out the back door and asked the journalists at the briefing to look into it.

Instead of investigating (aka, doing their jobs), they hit their liberal fainting couches. A sample of headlines:

  1. No evidence for Trump’s suggestion that masks are ‘going out the back door’ of New York hospitals -NBC News
  2. De Blasio: Trump’s suggestion face masks are being stolen is ‘insulting’ -Politico
  3. Cuomo and New York hospitals reject Trump’s claim masks ‘going out the back door’ -ABC News
  4. Trump could help solve the mask problem. Instead he’s making baseless attacks on New York nurses. -Vox
  5. Trump blames hospitals for mask and ventilator shortages -Washington Post (n.b., original headline said ‘bizarrely blames’)
  7. ‘Insulting’ Frontline Health Workers, Trump—Without Evidence—Accuses Hospital Staff in New York of Stealing Protective Gear – Common Dreams

Well, gosh. Why wouldn’t masks be going out the back door? Athletic shoes went out the back door of my parents’ sporting goods store and people didn’t need them to stay healthy. Oh wait…. you know what I mean.

Some time early in March, I saw a Facebook post from a hospital workers begging people to stop stealing stuff the staff needed for themselves and their sick patients.

On March 6, CNBC reported, “People are stealing masks and other medical equipment from hospitals, New York Gov. Cuomo says.”

Now WNBF in upstate New York is reporting that a Cooperstown hospital employee has been charged and more arrests are possible in connection with the theft of medical supplies (including face masks and alcohol pads) during the coronavirus pandemic.

But by all means, Democrats with Bylines, keep telling us how stoopid Donald Trump is, m’kay?

UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE: [20:07] This is absurd, immoral, and hopefully illegal. Telecommuting (at all, much less during a pandemic) gets you evicted?! ARGH. Bill Whittle makes some good points. I especially like his “yellow flag” analogy.

2020_04 03 CAT we need to talk

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