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THIS BUD’S FOR YOU: Budweiser’s new ad [1:17] – Tissue alert!

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: The Task Force briefing covered the beginning of an enhanced fight against the flow of illegal drugs. We’re working with 22 other nations in this effort.

Eleven companies are making ventilators which are being allocated and shipped directly to hospitals as they are needed.

The Navy is quarantining ships’ crews for 14 days before setting out to ensure nobody on board has COVID-19. More than 100 sailors on the aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, have tested positive for the coronavirus. Guam doesn’t have enough hospital beds, but the Navy is working to get them off the ship and into some kind of housing.

Iran has been hit hard by the virus, but instead of accepting the aid they’ve been offered, they’re saber rattling. Trump said he told them to mind their manners or else. He also said he thinks they want to make a deal, but that they don’t know how, partly because of pride and maybe also because they got bad advice from John Kerry.

President Trump did an enormous conference call with members of the military. Papa Buzz was invited to it, but couldn’t get logged in. We’re thinking it was because the response to the invites overwhelmed the system. I love how supportive this president is to our service members, especially since I still have two in uniform.

A reporter asked Donald “fascist dictator literally Hitler” Trump why he is letting state governors decide how much to clamp down on the stay-at-home thing. Irony abounds. Variations on this question have been asked during these briefings again and again. His answer is always the same. I.e., a single federal rule isn’t appropriate. State conditions vary greatly and the governors can respond better to their local conditions.

Vaccine testing is in phase 1 and on target. If all goes well, it will be 12 to 18 months to where we will have enough quantity of an effective, safe vaccine.

VP Pence talked about the 15 minute, point-of-service test that was recently approved by the FDA and how they hope to use it particularly in the 19 states that, so far, do not have significant outbreaks. The quick diagnosis will make contact tracing and quarantine much more effective to prevent the kind of major outbreaks we’re seeing in hot spots like NYC.

POTUS said they’re looking at imposing some limitations on airplane and train travel. He doesn’t want to, but some may be advisable for a period of time.

The FDA has approved the use of a new sterilizing machine that can do thousands of N95 masks a day. Each mask can be done up to 20 times before it needs to be thrown out.

Should we wear masks when we go out? Yes and no. They don’t want surgical masks and the N-95 masks taken away from medical personnel; however, fabric face coverings can be quite effective for average citizens who have to go out to get groceries, etc. Even a scarf tied over your face can help.

I’ve been busy sewing two-layer, cotton face masks for the Hyphens. They’re the kind that are held on with elastic behind the ears. They filter out 50% of viruses, which could reduce the viral load enough that we don’t get sick. They are super easy to make and can be re-used. To sterilize in the short run, hit it with a steam iron or run it through a washer/dryer. If you’ve got 48 hours, just hang it up. In that time, any virus on the fabric will disintegrate on its own.

They’re continuing to build the border wall. More than 150 miles have been completed and they expect to be up to 450 miles by the end of 2020. Every mile completed makes it that much easier for Border Patrol agents to keep us safe.

VIDEO: [3:49] Hydroxychloroquine is proving an effective treatment for coronavirus patients around the world. One excellent piece of news is that the cure takes as little as 5 days, as opposed to the 2+ weeks recovery takes without it. (Assuming you recover.) Also, it only costs about $20! The report includes information about how the drug works. In short, it makes it really easy for cells to import zinc, which blocks the ability of viruses to reproduce.

A new COVID-19 treatment called Kevzara is going into phase 2/3 trials in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and Russia. Developed by Sanofi and Regeneron, Kevzara is an interleukin-6 inhibitor that hopefully reduces the lethal, overactive inflammatory response in the lungs of critically and severely ill COVID-19 patients.

2020_04 02 made in china

CHICOMS: Here’s a frightening piece of evidence that they might have bio-engineered the virus and lost control of it in November 2019.

In November 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport stopped a Chinese scientist carrying vials believed to contain viable samples of both the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) viruses. YOIKS!

There’s a chronology of the ChiCom’s response to COVID-19 at (link below). It’s quite detailed. One segment is really creepy in an “escaped bioweapon” kinda way …

January 1, 2020: Eight doctors who had alerted about an epidemic caused by a new coronavirus in Wuhan were detained and questioned by the CCP police for “spreading false statements.” Also, the Hubei Health Commission ordered all genomics companies that had samples of the new disease were told to stop testing and destroy the materials. Also, authorities closed the Wuhan Animal Market, without taking any biological samples from workers, animals, or cages.

January 3: China’s National Health Commission issued a national gag order, preventing all medical institutions in the country to disclose information about the disease.


2020_04 02 trump pelosi virus

TRUMP vs. PELOSI: There are a few memes going around the ‘net about the House giving themselves a raise via the virus aid package. That is incorrect.

The $25 million designated for the House of Representatives is for improving tele-networking capability and to cover some of the costs of the shut down in child care, food service, and the like.

However, THIS meme is true. President Trump did donate his $100,000 Q4 salary to the Department of Health and Human Services to help fight the Coronavirus.

And Nancy Pelosi did ask for a raise. “House Democratic leaders are postponing consideration of a bill that would include a pay raise for members of Congress after facing a major backlash from the party’s most vulnerable members.” – June 2019

2020_04 02 Trump vs Dems

TRUMP vs. PELOSI’S HOUSE: The Russia collusion and Ukraine impeachment hoaxes both failed. During the pandemic, they’ve had to watch Joe Biden and his presidential campaign fade into oblivion, while Trump’s approval numbers rise.

Time’s running out! So House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has announced that the committee will dig deeply into the administration’s response after the crisis is over.

The committee’s top priority is the health and safety of the American people, so we have been working to push the administration to identify and fix problems and to share more accurate information with the public. There is no doubt that the administration has mishandled this entire crisis, and our committee will certainly be engaged in robust oversight to review what happened and how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Truer version: “The committee’s top priority” is getting Trump out of office. “We have been working” to get the Task Force briefings suppressed, because too many voters are watching them and getting all impressed by the great job they’re doing. “There is no doubt” that we are pissed as hell about how this crisis has interfered with our efforts to trash Trump and get a Democrat elected to replace him. “Our committee will certainly be engaged” in inventing and leaking as many anti-Trump lies as possible.

2020_04 02 bho

TRUMP vs. OBAMA: Instead of either keeping his yap shut like his predecessor did OR encouraging Americans in these trying times, former President Obama chose to politicize the crisis and blame it on climate change.

Climate change? Seriously?! This virus came from China and became a global pandemic due to the way the ChiComs handled it in the early months. None of that has anything to do with climate change.

Let us not forget that it was Obama’s administration that depleted the emergency stockpile of medical equipment like masks during the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic and then did nothing to replenish it during the rest of their time in office.

Let us not forget that yet another Democrat administration deliberately dismantled California’s emergency medical stockpile, which had included field hospitals and ventilators and which existed because of the forethought and planning of a Republican governor.

Or that a third Democrat administration ignored state public-health leaders when they said that New York State was woefully unprepared for a pandemic. Rather than buy the additional ventilators the health experts were recommending, Gov. Cuomo told his health commissioner to assemble a task to create a plan for rationing the ventilators they already had.

And now that the caca has hit the fan, Cuomo seems to have forgotten that the ventilator shortage is HIS fault. On March 27, he complained, “FEMA says they’re sending 400 ventilators.  Really? What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?  You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators!”

Hey, Andy! YOU told your health commissioner it was HIS job to pick the ones who weren’t going to get their turn on a ventilator. Remember?

2020_04 02 BERNIE socialism

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE SUCKS: COVID-19 started in a country with socialized health care. It spread to Italy, which also has nationalized their health system.

Italy’s coronavirus death rate is magnitudes higher than ours. This is due in part to their aged population, but it is also due to the fact that socialized medicine delivers stingy care.

For example, Italy has around one-third as many intensive-care beds per capita as the United States does.

2020_04 02 earthquakes

EARTHQUAKES: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook most of the northwestern United States on Tuesday evening. Its epicenter was in Idaho, but it was felt six surrounding states and was followed by a 4.6 aftershock. The United States Geological Survey is warning residents that more quakes are on the way.

Utah has had 38 earthquakes in the past 7 days and 345 earthquakes in the past 30 days. The largest one, 5.7 magnitude, was 15 days ago, just as our national quarantine began. I don’t follow earthquakes. Does anyone know if this fairly normal? I don’t want to go all tinfoil hat, but sheesh!

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: If they didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all [2:35]No shock here that the Slime Stream Media has totally ignored the sexual assault allegation leveled at Joe Biden last week.

This video shows the grotesque disparity between the way they covered the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh vs. the way they are not covering the allegation against Joe Biden.

DESPICABLE MEDIA: Some 50 major American firms have joined the national war on the coronavirus, many volunteering to shift their focus and even assembly lines to deliver needed supplies to doctors, hospitals, first responders and others on the front lines.

President Trump invited some of their CEOs to a Task Force briefing where he praised their patriotism and allowed them to make personal statements. One of them was the owner of My Pillow .

The lower-than-slugs Democrats with Bylines, who make millions of dollars a year to sit on their butts spewing hateful hot air, actually sneered and rolled their eyes about “the guy from My Pillow.”

I’m guessing it’s because he used part of his time to encourage people to come back to God.

2020_04 02 fisa

FBI: They messed up big time On March 30, the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General released its report about improprieties in FISA applications. The investigation was triggered when a previous IG report noted that the FBI’s investigation of Carter Page had some serious problems.

The specific concerns were with so-called “Woods files” which are records that agents are supposed to maintain that substantiate the factual assertions made in FISA applications.

The IG report covered 29 FISA applications, spanning five years, and across eight FBI field offices. Of these, four had no Woods files, while the the remaining 25 applications all had errors and deficiencies in their Woods files.

The inspector general also reviewed the internal audits the FBI conducted on 42 FISA applications found similar problems. In 39 of the 42 cases, there were 390 instances of typos, unverified, inaccurate, or inadequately supported facts.

Only three of the reviewed applications that the FBI had made to get warrants to SPY ON AMERICAN CITIZENS had no issues.

ABORTION: [2:41] Last Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an order that anyone traveling to Florida from Louisiana, where there has been a dramatic eruption COVID-19 cases, should self-quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of COVID -19. Based on the license plates, many of the estimated 80 women who received abortions at American Family Planning this past weekend were from Louisiana.

It is doubtful any of them self-quarantined for 2 weeks before going to get their unborn babies killed. Given the shoddy health and safety record this clinic and its owner have, it is even more doubtful that they were doing anything much to keep the disease from spreading inside the clinic.

2020_04 02 koop

ABORTION: Texas Governor Greg Abbott is one of a number of state leaders who ruled that abortion is an elective procedure, therefore needs to be postponed to preserve much-needed medical supplies for health care professionals and hospital beds during the outbreak of COVID-19. Abortion providers sued and won a stay on the governor’s order; however, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has since overturned that decision.

To be clear, the graphic refers to abortion (the direct killing of an unborn baby), not to the premature delivery of an infant who may be certain or almost certain to die due to immaturity. There are rare situations where a pregnancy shouldn’t continue. Koop’s point is that doctors should be treating both mother and baby as patients, doing the best possible for each, not killing one of them on purpose.

2020_04 02 women

WOMEN IN SPORTS: Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act to ensure that all girls’ sports teams sponsored by public schools and universities would not be open to students born male.

The stupid news organization that reported this pro-woman law called it an “anti-transgender bill.”

GRAMMY NOTES: [3:21]Mama Buzz sent me this video. I needed something cheerful!

Later … they just found out that Papa Buzz was exposed to someone about a week ago who has tested positive, so now they’re all on quarantine. I googled to find out more about the behavior of the virus and learned the incubation period is somewhere between 2 to 14 days after exposure. More than 97% show symptoms within 11.5 days of exposure; the average incubation period seems to be around 5 days. For many people, COVID-19 symptoms start out mild and gradually get worse over a few days.

Prayers please for our Mascots. At this time, Papa Buzz has a cough, but no fever or difficulty breathing. They got advice about getting him tested and how to manage their home life. Since they’ve all been exposed to him for a week, mainly it means he sleeps in the guest room so he doesn’t cough on Mama in the night.

2020_04 02 cat tank


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