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I know it’s April Fools Day, but I sincerely hope nobody does any virus pranks. This situation is just so not funny.

2020_04 01 Lentiest Lent

2020_04 01 goals of mitigation

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: I snagged the mitigation graphic off the screen during Tuesday’s Task Force briefing. “Mitigation” is what we’re all supposed to be doing … social distancing, self-quarantining, hand washing, etc. Given the data they had as of the briefing, the computer model they’re using said our mitigation efforts will keep the total U.S. death toll under 200,000. That number may be lower if, for example, treatments improve. To my mind, it seems a no brainer that it’s going to be higher if we don’t buckle down and stay put for all of April.

The death toll in New York jumped to 1,218, which has 46% of the confirmed cases in the country. (Keep in mind that “confirmed cases” means the area is doing a lot of testing, which NYC is. Many places are not.) Two hundred and fifty-three people died in NYC in one day. More than 9,500 patients with the virus are hospitalized in New York, with 2,352 in intensive care units, where many are on ventilators. The rate of new case doubling has slowed, the number of intubations is down, and the number of hospital discharges is up. Gov. Cuomo said the new cases are connected to people violating social distancing and self-quarantine. Mayor Bill de Blasio says people who are seen less than 6′ apart will be fined $250 to $500.

Video: Crowder DEBUNKS Claim of South Korea’s COVID Response Success [1:47]

Re: Russia – The mayor of Moscow has ordered all residents of the city to stay home, except for essential outings, as the city confirmed more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19. Residents can only leave their homes for emergency medical help, trips to work for those who are required to continue working, visits to the nearest grocery store and pharmacy, dog walks within 300 feet of a building, and throwing out trash.

2020_04 01 market

CHINA: Yuck!The Wuhan coronavirus has been traced back to a wet market in Wuhan, China, where exotic mammals in unsanitary conditions are bought and traded for consumption. China has allowed these markets to reopen, apparently with no attempt to raise hygiene standards to prevent another virus from emerging.

SARS and the current outbreak of COVID-19 are not the only diseases in people traced back to animals. The killing and sale of what is known as bushmeat in Africa is thought to be a source for Ebola. Bird flu likely came from chickens at a market in Hong Kong. And measles is believed to have evolved from a virus that infected cattle.

Just as I was about to post this, I came across an article about how the ChiComs may have manufactured this plague on purpose. Why anyone would mess around with a bio-weapon is beyond me. Do they not watch movies? It’s like the babysitter who goes outside to check on that noise instead of paying attention to the creepy, ominous sound track and calling 911. IT ALWAYS ENDS BADLY.

One fellow made a perspicacious comment to the effect that, if the disease actually came from those nasty open-air meat markets and the ChiComs know about it, then said markets would not be re-opening. There’s something to ponder.

MSNBC: They lied to us non-stop for more than two years about the Russia collusion hoax [:30] MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes both attacked the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings, calling them “propaganda sessions” filled with “misinformation and lies” that should not be broadcast to the poor ignorant public.

Presumably, they think censoring the President of the United States would be a good thing. But would we be better off limiting our pandemic news source to MSNBC? Let’s see how well she did with this one tiny tidbit.

[:31] – On March 20, 2020, Rachel Maddow sneered that Trump was spouting “nonsense” when he said that the Navy’s two hospital ships would be in New York and Los Angeles harbors by “next week.

  1. The USNS Mercy docked in LA. on March 27.
  2. The USNS Comfort docked in NYC on March 30.

It’s hard not to hate this awful woman.

[6:44] – OAN discusses the REAL reason that Fake News doesn’t want to air the Task Force briefings live. I’m sticking with watching the Task Force briefings and thinking for myself, thank you very much. I’m doing my best to pass on the best of the information here for those of you who are avoiding the news to preserve your sanity.

2020_04 01 WTF

LYING LIARS: Democrats and their shills in the Slime Stream Media can’t deny the OBVIOUS FACT that Trump and his Task Force are doing an outstanding job with the pandemic and they certainly can’t bring themselves to be NICE or TRUTHFUL about anything this administration does … so they’re stuck with claiming he didn’t do enough soon enough.

I published a detailed report about what Trump has done and when vs. what the Left was saying about what he was doing when he was doing it. Link below. Today is just an update on their latest b.s.

I googled “trump january virus” and got a loooong list of Slime stories published in March about how Trump allegedly ignored all the signs that came in January that the virus was going to be very serious.

  1. President Donald Trump ignored reports from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported.
  2. Donald Trump blocked coronavirus testing preparedness in January to try and keep infection figures low and, in turn, enhance his re-election odds.
  3. According to NPR: Politico reporter Dan Diamond says infighting at the Department of Health and Human Services and the need to flatter Trump impeded the response to the coronavirus.
  4. Donald Trump was aware of the Coronavirus but refused to start testing people because he thought it would hurt him politically.
  5. There’s more but I think I’ve made my point.

Before the end of January, Trump had formed the White House Task Force and declared a public health emergency. A MONTH later, on February 24th, Pelosi was interviewed, in the middle of a crowd, encouraging people to come to San Francisco’s Chinatown, because it’s “perfectly safe to be here.”

San Francisco has since recorded 340 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 5 people have died. If I weren’t so angry with her, I’d be sad about the way she keeps stoking her own Hell fires.

2020_02 24 pelosi

Joe Biden’s campaign has released an ad attacking President Trump for not being sufficiently responsive to the threats of the coronavirus from the “beginning.” But Slow Joe’s timeline starts at the end of February, more than a MONTH after President Trump’s response began.

2020_04 01 ingraham

The FDA has approved the use of hydroxychloroquine as treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus and doctors are reporting it is saving the lives of desperately ill COVID-19 patients.

Twitter removed Laura Ingraham’s tweet (above), claiming it violated their “misleading information policy under heightened-risk health claims.”

2020_04 01 employee

ABORTION: Don’t tell me they give a crap about womenThere is a long article about the unbelievable health and safety violations that have been and are being committed at the Trust Women abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Potentially infected women being packed into the clinic like sardines, a doctor who had been working with infected patients coming from California to perform abortions, clinic workers using no protective gear.

There’s more, all of it disturbing and far too much to summarize here. I couldn’t even finish reading it. Click if you are interested.

2020_04 01 amazon

AMAZON: An Amazon employee who had been in close contact with a man who tested positive to coronavirus was sent home for a 14-day quarantine with pay.

He broke quarantine to participate in a strike march at Amazon, demanding more sanitary conditions to help prevent employees from contracting the coronavirus.

Amazon fired him.

He is claiming his termination was unlawful.

I’m thinking he’s an idiot.

2020_04 01 UK

UK: On Sunday, more than half a million people took part via online in the re-dedication of England to Our Lady. In a homily after the re-dedication, shrine rector Msgr John Armitage said: “When our bishops decided three years ago to undertake this re-dedication, they could never have foreseen the extent of our need at this time. Today we undertake this dedication in the ‘eye of the storm’.

2020_04 01 rites

LAST RITES: Following the direction of my pastor, I am documenting our family’s successful struggle overcoming a hospital’s refusal to allow my mother, a confirmed COVID-19 patient, to receive Last Rites from a priest. My pastor felt it was important to share this story in case there are other Catholics in this position who may benefit from the path we have taken. Click to read the rest.

VATICAN: [1:38]Vatican News, the Holy See’s official news service, published an article calling the deadly coronavirus an “ally” of planet Earth. It sparked outrage and was deleted.

Sadly, it reflects Pope Francis’ own statements about climate change. This man has no more authority to preach or teach about climate science than I do.

2020_04 01 grammy

GRAMMY NOTES:  I’ve been living like this for decades.

I hope after all this is over that some folks remember what it was like and keep in mind that those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are social-distanced and self-quarantined EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There are ways to keep in touch and make our lives easier, even if you don’t live close enough or are not willing to get fragrance-free enough for an in person visit.

PENGUINS: [1:29]We all know penguins can’t fly and have to spend the severe winters huddled together to survive the cold. Right? Wrong! I’ve never seen this 2008 video before, so what a treat to see it today when the news is so awful. Watch this!

LOL! [3:47] Things people are doing to stay sane in quarantine. Some language.

2020_04 01 go back to work

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