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IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL: The COVID-19 Virtual Cell Phone Choir [4:57]. 

VIRUS UPDATE: Facebook link above is to a Tucker Carlson clip in which he interviews Dr. Marc Siegel, who has some GOOD NEWS updates regarding COVID-19 treatments.

Also, Newsbusters reports that amid the hours upon hours of coronavirus coverage, there has been very little criticism of how the communist government in Beijing handled the outbreak.

Senator Tom Cotton said on Fox & Friends: “China unleashed this plague on the world and there will be a reckoning when we’re on the backside of it.”

AID PACKAGE DELAY UPDATE: [5:27]Nancy Pelosi refused to call the House back into session until after the Senate passed the bill, and even then it was a 24-hour notice. This means that the House can’t even vote on it until Friday afternoon or later, depending on how many attempts there are to derail it. She couldn’t call them back 24 hours before the totally expectable successful Senate vote? I mean, sheesh, it was 96 to nothing. ::eyeroll::

2020_03 27 biden grope t

BIDEN: A former staffer has gone public with the graphic details of a 1993 sexual assault incident. She says she’s been trying for decades to get someone to take her seriously. Click the link to read and/or hear her story.

It is so WRONG that those ridiculous stories about Brett Kavanaugh were blasted all over the national news with talking heads proclaiming we HAD to believe every woman, while this woman and others like her have been blown off and called bad names for trying to report that Joe Biden (and Bill Clinton, Al Gore and other pro-abortion Democrats before him) molested them.

Before the Pro-Life Kavanaugh was up for a SCOTUS seat that would put Roe and Doe in jeopardy, he was considered a total gentleman by everybody who ever worked with him.

Not so Joe Biden, who has both a 100% positive voting record with NARAL and a long and very well-documented history of sniffing, kissing, licking, and pawing women.

DEBUNKING LIES: [14:50]Steven Crowder debunks the media’s lies about chloroquine and ties it into the Left’s willingness to put public lives at risk in order to score points against Trump.

2020_03 27 tds

TDS: Trump haters continue to take funny remarks President Trump says off the cuff and promote them out of context. This one is particularly absurd, since it was Rep. Katie Hill’s (D-CA-25) own sexual misdeeds that lost her the seat in the House of Representatives less than one year after she took the Oath of Office.

She got a lot of blow back on Twitter. One in particular summed it up nicely: “The naked, aid-hairbrushing throuple Queen pretending she’s grossed out.”

There’s also a photo of three dogs humping that I’ll spare you.

Megan Fox wrote, “Thanks for the laughs, Katie, but we’d like to forget we ever knew you”

2020_03 27 more tds

MORE TDS: There’s a conspiracy theory on the left that continues to be spread by the media this week, claiming President Trump only wants to reopen the economy because it would benefit his hotel business. This idea should puzzle any sane person, yet somehow it makes sense to those deranged by their hatred of the president.” – Kristine Marsh

You can go to Newsbusters to read/listen to what Seth Meyers said on his Wednesday morning show. It’s so nasty, I’m not going to repeat it here.

2020_03 27 catholic

CATHOLIC MYTHS: “Traditions of men” “You will find people of every persuasion who will use tradition as a way of avoiding God’s will, but that doesn’t mean that the Catholic church or the Catholic faith does that systematically.”

Tradition itself is a neutral concept and that’s why you find both passages in the New Testament that speak positively of tradition and passages that speak negatively of tradition, because some traditions are good and some traditions are bad. What happens though is in some Protestant translations there is an attempt to obscure this where they will take the word, the Greek word for tradition, and whenever it sounds bad, they’ll render it tradition. But whenever it sounds good, they’ll render it something else, like teaching.”

2020_03 27 husbands

2020_03 27 No close encounters

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