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WHY DOES GOD: Father Mike takes on one of the hardest questions of all [7:32]He also somewhat inadvertently gives an excellent reason why we should never, ever let the U.S. turn into a socialist nation. If God Himself considers freedom more important than security, surely we should too.

2020_03 24 Giraffe Willow Baltimore zoo

PLEASE HELP: Zoos are really struggling to keep their animals fed and clean without the income from visitors. Click the link to easily let President Trump and your legislators know you want ZOOS included in the coronavirus relief package. [Photo: Willow, Baltimore zoo]


CCP CORONAVIRUS: [6:27] The Epoch Times refers to COVID-19 as the “CCP virus” because the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up and mismanagement allowed the virus to spread throughout China and create a global pandemic.


GOOD NEWS: [:51]New York, one of the hardest hit areas in America, has been approved and received supplies of the two drugs that are showing promise in treating CCP Virus; trials begin today.

FEMA is busily shipping Personal Protective Equipment to hospitals.

The Navy’s two hospital ships are in the process of being deployed to California and New York. They will assume care of non-virus patients to ease the load on land-based facilities.

3M has almost doubled its production of N95 masks. Its factories in South Dakota and Nebraska are now producing 35 million N95 masks a month, 90 percent of which are designated for health-care workers. The other 10 percent will go to industrial workers in critical sectors, including energy, food and pharmaceuticals. 3M has already shipped half a million masks to New York and Seattle.

Honeywell is also ramping up its production of N95 disposable respirators and anticipates the new production line will create at least 500 jobs.

Pernod Ricard USA has switched over from making Absolut Vodka, Avión Tequila, Kahlúa and other brands at its distilleries in Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Texas to making hand sanitizer.


BE BEST: [:48] While Democrats, their media lapdogs, and NeverTrumpers hope for the worst and spew negativity at every turn, the American people will continue to ignore their pettiness and pull together as one people.

  • In Ohio, Taran (9) and Calliope (6) held a little cello concert on the front porch of their 78-year-old neighbor who has been in quarantine.
  • A local distiller in Florida is creating and handing out hand sanitizer for free.
  • NBA star Kevin Love donated $100,000 to help Cleveland Cavaliers arena workers who have been laid off.

2020_03 24 technical difficulties

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Donald Trump’s daily press conferences, attended by numerous senior health and other officials, provide the most up-to-date information. The president and his team routinely spend more than an hour making reports and taking questions from journalists.

Certain individuals among the Left Stream Media think the briefings should not be televised, supposedly because Trump is passing along misinformation.

I’m thinking it’s more likely because the broadcasts draw huge audiences and polls are showing increasingly positive approval for Trump’s handling of the crisis. I’m sure they would prefer to act as the public’s mud-colored glasses filter on everything he says and does.

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection writes, “I hope Trump does the briefings and takes questions 7 days a week. These are the most transparent sessions I’ve seen in any president in my lifetime. The media can criticize Trump all it wants, but the call to censor the press conferences simply confirms that they are not journalists, but as Prof. Glenn Reynolds says, Democrats with Bylines.”


DECLASSIFIED: With Gina Shakespeare [20:05]Is the Demise of Globalism Here? Governments and businesses are learning hard lessons from the rapid spread of the CCP virus that is causing supply disruptions across the globe.

2020_03 23 beautiful day

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Dearest and I loved this!

2020_03 24 homeschool jungle

2020_03 24 kids faces chores


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  1. Zoos are really struggling to keep their animals fed and clean without the income from visitors.

    I read that they figured out a solution to that down in Venezuela.