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2020_03 21 Ann Frank

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: Christians fed and housed Jews when doing so could get them shot. Surely we can find ways to help each other now.

2020_03 21 presser

CHINESE CORONAVIRUS: I listened to Trump’s daily virus briefing yesterday. The reporters reminded me of little children, continually cycling back to whining about how Mean Orange Man says we is doing crappy job and hurtz us feelingz. I wanted to reach into the screen and smack them upside the head. “You’re in the WHITE HOUSE PRESS ROOM! Grow UP!

Meanwhile, our excellent president let his team speak, which is something I continue to admire about him and have not forgotten Obama didn’t do. Two things he said that stuck with me are, “We’ll get through this” and “We can replace the money; we can’t replace the people.” Also, he praised the private sector for proactively contacting them with offers to switch manufacturing capacity to produce needed materials, like masks and respirators, and that the need to self-quarantine will last at least through the end of March.

New unemployment claims surged last week as people in non-critical jobs were laid off. We need to keep these people in mind and carefully avoid succumbing to “me first” isolationism, even as we practice self-quarantine and wonder how we’re going to pay bills without the usual pay checks.

In GOOD news, chloroquine – a common and inexpensive malaria drug – appears to be working well against the Chinese Coronavirus. Dr. Fauci said it’s still preliminary and we won’t know more until it’s used on a lot of people who have the virus. There are also a home test kit and a vaccine being moved through the FDA approval process.

2020_03 21 scam

BEWARE: Scammers may use COVID-19 as an opportunity to steal your identity and commit Medicare fraud. In some cases, they might tell you they’ll send you a Coronavirus test, masks, or other items in exchange for your Medicare number or personal information. Be wary of unsolicited requests for your Medicare number or other personal information.” – Medicare email

2020_03 21 I remember

I REMEMBER: I saw this on FacebookI remember a man who said, “We need to close our borders.” I remember a man who said, “We need to bring our businesses home.” I remember a man who said, “We need to become less dependent on other countries to survive.” I remember a man who said, “We need to take care of America first!!!” Now I know all the reasons why he said those things… AND, I’ll never forget those who purposely got in his way,.. will you?

FAKE NEWS: [1:44]The Left’s garbage reporting isn’t preventing people from making up their own minds about Trump’s handling of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic. Imagine if they were reporting honestly!

2020_03 21 approval

CNN is now accusing President Trump of peddling false hope. The truth is, America does need hope now. The President has put our country on war-time footing. He has cut through red tape. He has directed suppliers to produce the medical equipment and supplies we need. He has taken measures with travel and more to protect our citizens. I thank God that we have a Commander in Chief who knows how to take charge and stand with hope in front of dark clouds of despair and hopelessness looming on the horizon. Thank you President Donald J. Trump!” – Franklin Graham

2020_03 21 cuomo

CUOMO: I never saw this coming!New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo praised President Donald Trump during a press conference on Tuesday.

His team is on it. They have been responsive late at night, early in the morning. And they’ve thus far been doing everything that they can do, and I want to say thank you, and I want to say that I appreciate it, and they will have nothing but cooperation and partnership from the state of New York.

We are not Democrats, and we are not Republicans. We are Americans, at the end of the day. That’s who we are. And that’s who we are when we are at our best. So, this hypersensitivity about politics and reading every comment and wanting to pit one against the other, there is no time for this. The president is doing the right thing in offering to step up with New York. And I appreciate it. New York will do the right thing in return.”

2020_03 21 mars

PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE: NASA’s InSight lander, which is currently on the surface of Mars, has faced some unexpected problems during its mission to explore and study the planet.

Namely, a digging probe called “the mole”, which was built to burrow beneath the surface like a jackhammer, got stuck because Mars’ soil is clumpier than scientists expected.

After a few failed attempts to get it out, NASA instructed the lander to give the mole a good whack with its shovel.

Because the maneuver risked damaging fragile, nearby power and communication lines,  NASA engineers spent a few months practicing in simulations before making their successful, real-life attempt.

2020_03 19 Buzz in home OT

GRAMMY NOTES: From Mama Buzz “We did our first remote therapy session today 🙂 Walter had occupational therapy and his speech therapist was there too for observation. It went pretty well and I expect next week to be even better as we all get used to this. Hopefully its short term, but getting it set up will be useful for different occasions in the future ;)”

In the photo above, Buzz has retrieved puzzle pieces while crawling through a fabric tunnel and is now being instructed to put them where they go.

I’ve heard from my niece that her dad is teaching online from home. My brother is an “I hate the internet” high school history teacher. I wish I could be a fly on his wall! LOL

Dearest’s Rotary Club had their weekly meeting online and it was so fun, he’s suddenly enthusiastic about learning how to use the internet. Somebody in the group set it up for their out-bound student (a local girl who is abroad for the year) to host the meeting. While she talked about her experiences so far, one of the club members pulled up Google Earth maps and photos of where she is.

2020_03 21 rosary

PRAYERS TO END THE OUTBREAK: Pope Francis invited Catholics around the world to pray the Luminous mysteries of the rosary with him at 9:00 pm Italy time (4pm Eastern for us) on Thursday.

Dearest and I did this. It was an amazing thing, knowing we were praying the rosary with people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

2020_03 21 new rules

2020_03 21 homeschool


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